On 27th of September 2022 at 3:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with Tron DAO

🌟Mr. Laurent Perello Advisor of Tron shared us the Details about ‘ TRON DAO ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host: 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today we are also very pleased to have Mr. Laurent Perello [ Advisor ]of Tron DAO with us to talk about their current development and progress! Hello @LaurentPerello 🙂

Laurent Perello (El Pi): Hello all
I’m really excited to be with you today for this AMA

Host : Welcome here.It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Laurent Perello (El Pi): Thanks to you for inviting me

Host : Btw, how is your day going so far?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): it’s a really busy time since few months now
We are buidling and building and building

Host : That’s great to hear!!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

Could you please introduce yourself to our community? also team behind Tron DAO and how your experience has led you here?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): Laurent, 49 years old
serial entrepreneur since 27 years
I got some great success and known some failure
And I have to assume that I have learned much more from my failure than from my success

had the chance to launch my first business at the really beginning of what we call now Web 1.0
Editing magazine and we were one of the first to launch an ‘online’ edition

after this experience I started to advise companies and startups in their digital transformation, at the beginning of what we call now web 2 (we used to call this cloud computing at this time)

I had the chance to collaborate closely with Google and was a cloud computing pionnier

since more 15 years I advise some great and promissing startups
previously mostly in web 2 and since more than 5 years now in web 3

I’m Tron DAO advisor since early this year

I feel really lucky to be able to contribute to one of the most trustable and innovative web3 project and to collaborate with an amazing experienced team

a worldwide team

with a lot of people having a great and strong experience in web innovation, business development and marketing

last year I met a board member of Tron foundation and we had an inspiring discussion
I shared my vision of blockchain/web3 and some ideas about what Tron could do to even better improve its recognition and its impact

when the foundation has been disolved to transform itself in a DAO, they proposed me to join and to contribute to this incredible journey

and now I’m in

Host: Wow! That is not just some experience,I could say that you are incredible!

So here is the next question 🙂

Can you please briefly explain about Tron DAO And What makes Tron DAO different to others with the same concept in the space?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): I’m just a normal person, trying to do and to deliver my best

first we have to contextualize what web3 is all about to be able to understand what Tron is really now and what guides us

even if web 3 is an innovative demain, offering an unseen experience and amazing opportunities, we have to assume that it’s a business at first

if you don’t understand this, if you misconsider this, you miss the main pointfor some projects it’s already the mature phase

I mean it’s not any more about a white paper and a potential promise but rather about a really business, a living product and exciting adoption

a lot of people are still blocked on the promise
not taking care of the reality technical promise are not anymore accurate when it comes to a living product.
what matters are real fact, real numbers comparing blockchains in terms of TPS, blocks time and so one is so 2018. now we have to have a look to the real adoption. so let’s take a moment to talk about this. in order to analyse the success of a living product, we have to take in consideration the real adoption. how to mesure this in the crypto/web3 industry? it’s simple in fact, far away from hype and marketing, few factors let each one consider if a project is or not on the good way.

1° Number of walletsTron is 4th regarding this criteria
after Ethereum, BSC and Polygone

2° the most important: 24h active wallets
This show how active users are on a blockchain and for this Tron is the 1st one, a real leader, far in front of all others blockchain
don’t trust me 😉

verify!Tron alone it’s more active wallet each day than the 10 following blockchain

yes, read it again

3° Stable coin liquidity

we all know how stable coin liquidity matters in a highly volatile market, and even more in a bear market

Ethereum has a 59% market dominance regarding stable coins and Tron +22%

meaning that Ethereum and Tron together it’s 88% dominance / stable coins

all other blockchains just represent 18%

read it again 😉

in terms of number it’s even more impressive

people talk about Solana and other so called promising L1s
but the reality is there
Tron it’s more than 6 times the stable coins liquidity that Solana gets yes 6x
don’t trust me
one more time, verify

4° the number of wallets holding stable coins

and here Tron is one more time THE LEADER

in blue => Tron
in green => ETH

10.1 millions of wallets hold stable coins on Tron
3.4 on ETH

and you can see that the Tron dominance is this domain is constantly growing fast
I say it again, don’t trust me

just verify
5° the last real indicator of real adoption = TVL (Total Value locked)

1st = ETH
2nd = Tron
3rd = BSC
and knowing that for now the trustable data aggregator that is DefiLama doesn’t consider yet all Tron protocol (they are working on it) it’s even more

it’s more than 12 billions TVL in fact

Laurent Perello (El Pi):
these 5 indicators reflect the reality of the crypto industry
It’s not about hype, price action, to the moon, fomo or fud
It’s all about the reality, facts, numbers

and assuming this, one should assume that Tron is the only real alternative to Ethereum for now all EVM and non EVM chains included

Host:Impressive! Tron really put on some numbers! 🙂

HackaTron will be happening in 48 days! Can you give us further details about this major event? Who can participate and what shall first time participants shall expect?

Laurent Perello (El Pi):
it’s just the reality

In fact the HackaTron season 3 has already opens its doors

Submission Period : September 20, 2022 (9:00 am Mountain Time) – November 14, 2022 (5:00 pm Mountain Time) (“Submission Period”).

Public Voting: November 29 (9:00 am Mountain Time) – December 4 (5:00 pm Mountain Time) (“Voting Period”).

Judging: November 29, 2022 (9:00 am Mountain Time) – December 12, 2022 (5:00 pm Mountain Time) (“Judging Period”).

Winners Announced: On or around December 16, 2022 (12:00 pm Mountain Time).

there are several tracks (categories)

Web3 – Blockchain and web infrastructure. Applications that are not centered around NFTs, Finance, or gaming.

DeFi – The next generation of financial services/products on the blockchain.
And we have seen that Tron is the best place to build a DeFi project (all DeFi projects need stablecoins liquidity and TVL)

GameFi – Create fun gaming applications on the blockchain.
with a potential of more than 2M active users, Tron is the place to launch a GameFi project

NFT – Projects centered around Non Fungible Tokens.
with low fees (or no fees) and a promissing NFTs marketplace such as ApeNFT, Tron is a great place to launch an NFTs collection

Ecosystem – Pre-existing or new projects that have deployed on Ethereum and propose converting to TRON/BTTC blockchain.
Tron has a clear multichain strategy
BitTorrent Chain launched early this year, being an important piece of the Tron ecosystem is dedicated to facilitate the liquidity transfer on several blockchains, supporting for now ETH, BSC, Tron, BitTorrent Chain and Heko
More chains will be added soon

Academy – Applicable to students currently enrolled and have built projects on TRON/BTTC blockchain.
Tron is preparing the future, involving students and universities

The Hackathon IS open to:

– Individuals who are at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where they reside as of the time of entry
– Teams of Eligible Individuals
– Organizations (including corporations, not-for-profit corporations and other nonprofit organizations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other legal entities) that exist and have been organized or incorporated at the time of entry.

The last season has been amazing
some high level projects have participated
more than 200 projects were qualified

the winners are for sure the future of web 3

if you want to participate, just go there

HackaTron will be include 6 different tracks this season: Web3, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Ecosystem, and Academy. To anyone who is interested, how can they apply?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): as I said
it’s pretty simple
just create a profile on devpost

here to

then follow the rules

and if you need any help, just contact me on Twitter

And lastly, TRON’s one of the biggest major event “sTRONgerTogether” Season 1 and 2 will be coming in December. What is this major event mainly focuses on?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): sTrongerTogether is crazy adventure

let me explain

I got a crazy idea early in august

telling myself

that we should launch an initiative to demonstrate how collaborating together, being supportive and and inclusive, respecting each other is really magic

it’s not a word, when I say magic

I have proposed to few projects to join this initiative, thinking that 5 or 7 will accept and that it will last 1 week

in fact in less than 2 days more than 40 projects accepted to join

and it’s now 4 weeks that we do on a daily basis a project highlight with a daily airdrop

projects are collaborating, promoting each others, and this in a really smart mindset

we are closing this first season this week and already preparing the season 2

It will be 100 projects during 100 days

we will not only propose a daily projecthighlight with a daily airdrop but also a learn to earn challenge

and also an academy dedicated to participants projects

some well known and trustable experts in several domains will share their knowledge to these projects to help them to improve their business and to become more sustainable

if you want to learn more about this initiative

and if you don’t want to miss an news just follow me on twitter

Twitter Segment

Q1. $TRON blockchain is only real alternative to ETH in terms of stablecoins liquidity & TVL including EVM & Non EVMs. This is a great but I’d like to know about benefits $TRON has over blockchains especially BSC in terms of TPS, gas fees, energy efficiency & scalability.

Laurent Perello (El Pi): as I said, we can compare white paper specs, but when a project is live, what matters is the reality

one L1 can claim to be able to support 1M TPS but if in reality is constantly congested it has no sense

Tron works perfectly since the launch with no downtime, no congestion, no ‘switch off’ and even more no hack using Tron you can make transaction at the lowest cost or even more at no cost when you make a transaction on tron is not gas fees but energy and bandwidth what you need

if you stake some TRX you will get free energy and bandwidth so you can make free transactions that’s the main difference with all other L1s

because even if some are claiming that it’s low fees, low fees compared to no fees, it’s still expensive 😉

Q2. #TronDao is blockchain. So, Please share key performance indicators of the chain, such as the Number of blocks per second, time to completion of a transaction, transaction speed, cost per transaction, or something else? Can you compete with other blockchain as BSC, ETH,Solana?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): guys if you have followed what I said it’s obvious to ask of Tron can compete with other L1s
just have a look again to the reality and facts I have shared
Tron is now the only real alternative to Ethereum this is the reality
active wallets, Tron is 1st
TVL Tron is 2nd
number of wallets Tron is 4th
number of wallets owning stable coins, Tron is 1st
stable coins liquidity Tron is 2nd
and regarding transactions fees Tron is the most competitive blockchain
what could I say more regarding this reality 😉💪

Q3. I read that TRON DAO Reserve is a decentralized hedge fund founded by Tron Network, the main mission of the fund is to secure USDD. Can you explain the mission and how the TRON DAO Reserve works? After the crash of UST & LUNA, what solutions will your USDD have to ensure safety?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): how to ensure safety, in fact it’s easy being more transparent than all other stable coin

Laurent Perello (El Pi): just go usdd website and you will be able to verify

it’s not only collaterized but it’s the most over collaterized stable coin

just have a look and compare

Laurent Perello (El Pi): just go usdd website and you will be able to verify. it’s not only collaterized but it’s the most over collaterized stable coin. just have a look and compare

Laurent Perello (El Pi):
USDD is Decentralized
The USDD protocol aims to provide the blockchain industry with the most stable, decentralized, tamper-proof, and freeze-free stablecoin system, a perpetual system independent from any centralized entity.

USDD is Over-Collateralized
USDD is secured by the over-collateralization of multiple mainstream digital assets (e.g. TRX, BTC, and USDT). The total value of collateralized assets is significantly higher than that of USDD in circulation with the collateral ratio set at 130%, far exceeding the 120% required for DAI.

USDD is Chain-Agnostic
USDD circulates on TRON, Ethereum, BSC, and other networks via the cross-chain protocol BitTorrent Chain. Similar to TRC20-USDT, it caters to users’ needs by offering them a fast and affordable experience on TRON.

Laurent Perello (El Pi):
and more than that, USDD is backed by leading crypto actors

if you want to learn more

or usdd wiki

Q4. PSM (Peg Stability Module) is a stablecoin swap tool launched by TRON DAO. So how can we use PSM (Peg Stability Module)? Can you tell us how? Or do you have a video tutorial for using PSM? And Can PSM only be used with USDD stablecoin?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): USDD’s core mission is to provide the blockchain world with an Over-Collateralized Decentralized Stablecoin.

As the custodian of the USDD, The TRON DAO RESERVE(TDR) has adopted a series of monetary policies to maintain the USDD’s price stability and spur growth in the TRON ecosystem based on the market conditions, and the TDR has always been intensively working on how to further ensure the USDD’s price stability, and drive the continued growth of the USDD ecosystem.

The PSM solution has already been tested and used extensively in the industry, Thus, it can be one of the monetary policies to maintain the stability of USDD’s price.

As a USDD fixed ratio SWAP module, PSM allows users to exchange USDT/USDC/TUSD to USDD at a fixed ratio of 1:1.

Similarly, it also allows users to exchange USDD to USDT/USDC/TUSD at a fixed ratio of 1:1. During the entire exchange process, users do not need to undertake any debt and management tasks.

More importantly, PSM has an excellent experience of 0 slippage and 0 handling fee, which helps the USDD price to stabilize at around 1 USD.

if you want to learn more

Q5. Problem in #Tron  is many mining scams by using $TRON name it is the thing leads in every one not to hold tron when they get scammed. If any one got scammed they forget tron name. How can u help people not to get scammed from such fraud mining??

Laurent Perello (El Pi): yes mining scam are a real trouble. we try to do our best to prevent this and educate people about such scam I will say it again, there is no mining on Tron

don’t fall in such scam

take care, join one of our TG group and there ask to people if you have any question. you will see that our community is really supportive
people helping each other

and in our TG groups we also often publish scam alerts to help people to escape such issue
don’t trust people promissing huge apy/earning
always do your own research

be careful and protect yourself

Telegram Live Segment

What will be your priorities in 2022? Could you give some information about the development strategy that your project will implement in the short term? What makes you feel confident to be successful in the long run?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): our priorities in 2022?
we keep building, based on a 10 years roadmap a multichain ecosystem
The Tron GrandHackthon season 3 will engage even more project to build on top of Tron or BitTorrent Chain or engage some live projects to join with a multichain strategy in mind

we keep improving what we do and how we engage and collaborate with our ecosystem and community

What makes me feel confident to be successful in the long run?
our mindset, our values, how we are able collaborate all together
how we are able to onboard leading partners, not only for USDD but also for the hackathon for example

just have a look there

you will see how many well know leaders are in, building with us

What has been the growth of the TRON ecosystem so far in 2022? Has it negatively affected the fact that we have been in a bear market for most of the year? Have the goals you had at the beginning of the year been met or not?

Laurent Perello (El Pi): We are showing all Tron is strong, the reason why #tronstrong and even more #sTRONgerTogether

If we have been negatively affected due to the fact that we have been in a bear market for most of the year? not at all
facts, numbers I have shared are proving all strong is our growth, how the adoption is constant and massive

Tron is a leader when you analyse the market on several criterias even more than ever and it’s just a beginning

Have the goals you had at the beginning of the year been met or not?
We are doing our best, each day
For sure, what we have accomplished is huge and impressive, but we can’t hold on
We keep building, still and always, it’s just the beginning of an incrredible journey

Hello Laurent Perello!!

There’s no doubt that Tron is the place to launch a GameFi project. How to apply to launch my GameFi project? What kind of facilities I can get from TronDAO?

If you want to build a GameFi projects, you have 3 ways for getting some support
1° Join the GrandHackthon
2° Submit a grant request

3° submit an ecosystem grants request
Laurent Perello (El Pi):

and if you need any help, feel free to contact me on Twitter

Although TRX transfers are almost free, Tron’s blockchain fees with other tokens are considerably high with respect to new alternatives such as Solana or Polygon, how have you addressed this problem so that developers are motivated to build on this blockchain?

my answer:
it’s not almost free, it’s free if you stake some TRX
so you will get free nergy and bandwidth
on Tron it’s not about gas fees, it’s about energy and bandwidth
you only pay fees if you don’t have energy and bandwidth
On all other blockchain you pay fees
and time to time indecent fees when the blockchain is facing congestion
No congestion ever on Tron
just make a try and compare
Telling this is showing you just believe what people use to say without knowing 😉
One can’t compare Tron to Solana
Tron has not seen any downtime, Solana does
Tron has never been put offline, Solana does
Even if Polygon is doing a great job, we constantly see congestion (I use it, I know what I say)
Please don’t repeat ridiculous speach from people talking without knowing
Try, experience by yourself and you will have to admit, to face the reality
Tron works perfectly, the reason why all leading exchange are using Tron as a first choice for stable coins transfer
This is the reality.

Give me your top 3 features why investors should invest in your Token $TRX ?

Tron works, Tron works, Tron works 😉💪🔥🚀 Laurent Perello (El Pi):
Tron is secure: no hack, never

Tron is efficient and one of the greenest and most energy efficient blockchain (much more than Polygon and Solana)

Tron is trusted by the leaders (all big exchange use Tron for stable coins transfer)

Tron is not cheap it’s free, as soon as you stake some TRX and get some free energy and bandwidth

Tron is the most used blockchain (just have a look again to the daily active wallets numbers) => Tron is the leader

Laurent Perello (El Pi): Guys, I would like to share some advise

learn , educate yourself

don’t trust influencers or people we know nothing and have fake audience on social media

don’t be influenced by hype or marketing

have a look to the reality, real numbers

on messari, deffilama, coinmetrics and other trustable on chain data aggregators

it’s what the smart money, whales are doing
they don’t follow and trust influencers and people talking loudly, they do their own research and base their decision on real fact

no fomo, no fud

if you keep thinking and doing based on fomo, trust, unsustainable promise, at the end of the day, you will loose your money

educate yourself, each day a little bit, constantly

to try to be rich in a few days, invest with a smart and long term strategy

if not, you will help whales and the smart money to be even more rich

📌 Here below are links for you to get the latest update about Tron DAO

Twitter: Mr. Laurent Perello [Tron DAO Advisor]

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