Date : 13 October 2021

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🌟 Mr. Marco shared us the Details about ‘ Ms. Moona Rewards ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟


Ziya :👋 Hello Chat, Welcome to exclusive AMA with Ms. Moona Rewards 🤩 Greetings!! Mr. Marco it’s nice to meet you 😊 Welcome to Crypto Talkz ❤️

Marco: Hi, thank you for having us here.

Ziya: How was your day?

Marco: Very good! We launched 23 hours ago and we made it to CMC already. We are all very excited about.

Ziya : That’s a great start!! 😊 So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂


Q1. Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as MOONA REWARDS? and from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project?

We, as Ms. Moona Rewards came the first time together by the end of May. Back in February, March as the market was booming I created for myself a frontrunning bot for the ether chain. We knew we wanted to make a project together and the trend was going into dividend tokens. After a few meetings, we decided to integrate the sniping bot into a dividends smart contract where users can use sniping bot rewards as a dividend token. In addition we added the functionality to select user based custom tokens as rewards. So we started…

The idea of Ms. Moona itself came from the Loki tv show, it is in the style of the Ms. Minutes character. We believe a moon fits much better into it 😅

Q2. What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve through your project in future?

Our mission is to create an ecosystem for the Binance Smart Chain where users can get the beauty of sniping bot rewards. Imagine getting daily various tokens of new promising BSC projects automatically in your wallet. Who knows maybe the next moon token will be one of them.

Further, still in this year we are going to expand our ecosystem into launchpad, escrow service and token charts.

Project owners will be able to launch a private sale and presale with the Ms. Moona rewards Dapp. The fees model will be similar like with and Meaning, 1 BNB contribution fees, 2% of sold BNB and 2% old sold tokens. The 2% of sold tokens will be given to the community as so-called launchpad rewards. Meaning that, users will get their portion in relation to the Moona Rewards Dividend tracker tokens.

Secure transactions to pay for services on the blockchain… We all know the offers … Sir, I got a marketing proposal etc … Some of those offers sound good. However with wallet to wallet transfers no cancelation is allowed once send. The Ms. Moona rewards Escrow Service contract will act as a middleman..

In addition to our native exchange and dapp we will provide token charts to analyse token trades as it fits perfectly into the concept of Ms. Moona Rewards considering the now active rewards view and exchange.

Q3. What strengths does Ms. Moona Rewards have to compete with competitors?

Ms. Moona Rewards distributed within their now 23:30 hours of launch 99.486 BNB value to their community in form of BNB and rewards token. The ratio can be set seamlessly between 0-100%. We are now at 2X from the private sale price at current ATH and more marketing will follow. We got a great community and our core team consists of 4 persons; me (Marco), Neo, Kieran and Thomas. All decisions are discussed in the core team, so that we get the best for the project out from it. One alone cannot manage the ongoing work

+ Trading (Sniping) Bot Rewards
+ Active Dev
+ Fully configurable rewards mode and token
+ Native exchange integration from launch engaged with PancakeSwap V2
+ Rewards view to list by the trading bot sniped tokens with balance and price
+ Best community✌️
+ Huge marketing campaigns (e.g. coinmooner, coinhunters, memeto agency, twitter instagram and much more)

Q4. How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

We are daily in the voice chat with the community. We welcome all new members and try to be 24/7 with at least one core team member in the chat. We got great support from Aby who joined us back in May in the core team, was then gone for a while and we are very happy that she is back … She is a great moderator and will join the core team within the next days..

We have not opened a marketing wallet or similar for contribution. It is integrated into the tax and fees model with 5% for marketing and further project development. With that we can bring Ms. Moona rewards into the crypto space, so that we will (and are) recognised by others.

Our community is very important to us that’s why we distribute 8% rewards with every transaction in form of BNB and token rewards. Further 3% are added to the liquidity pool to stabilise the price.

The best you can do to support us and the community is to join our project and become part of the MOONA fam.

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Ms. Moona Rewards has achieved so far?

2021 May
Idea and Planning
Initial Project Team Meetings
Defining roadmap, logos and graphics design, and market analysis.

2021 June – July
Sniping bot
Research and Development
Designing, planning, developing and testing of a sniping bot for BSC with the best possible configuration to find promising new token projects.

2021 August – September
Smart Contract and Dashboard
Planning, Development, Testing and Dashboard Launch
Development of the Ms. Moona Rewards Smart Contract and the integration into a decentralised dashboard application.

Features at launch include: Exchange, Analytics, Rewards Token view in Wallet, BNB to Rewards ratio configuration, Rewards Token Selection and a to do list for daily tasks to grow the project.

Preparing for end of September the private sale contract.

2021 October
Project Launch
Private Sale and PinkSale Presale
Employing our native platform to initiate a private sale.

Initiating a presale with our partner at to list Ms. Moona Rewards at PancakeSwap.

Marketing including but not limited to the platforms Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, Coinsniper, Coinhunters and CoinMooner.

Listing at CoinMarketCap.

The Road Ahead
October 2021

Integrating token lock service into the Ms. Moona Rewards dashboard.

2021 November – December
Extending the Use Cases
Providing new Services
Integrating an Escrow service for the BSC network that activates secure payments between a service provider and a customer.

Opportunity for project owners to launch a private sale and presale with our platform.

Charts to analyse token prices and volume in the native Ms. Moona Rewards dashboard.

2022 January – March
Play to Earn
NFT Game to Earn MOONA
Planning, developing and integrating a multi-user game for the BSC network that enables players to get rewarded with MOONA tokens.

2022 April and thereafter
Exploring New Use Cases
Farms and other services
We will listen to the user needs and current trends in 2022 to extend our platform. That will keep us up-to-date with current technologies.

The updates can include farms, marketplaces, liquidity pools, writing smart contracts, lottery and other things that are not finalised at the time of writing.

^^that’s our roadmap for the next 6 months and thereafter. We are on track 😅

Ziya: Thank you for starting the session with enthusiasm and well detailed introduction about Moona Rewards


Q1. Twitter Id : @Pupa24

Yesterday you launched your token $MOONA on PCS. So could you give us a Recap of this event, how was the outcome? And may we know what’s your next big steps after? How about some plans for listing $MOONA on any Exchanges, could you share it with us?

For now we are good and happy to be available with PancakeSwap. Ms. Moona Rewards is a dividend based token smart contract. Not many exchanges support dividend based contracts.

Our next steps are according to the roadmap… we active our sniping bot in the next 2 days… everyone is waiting for it

It was great, we filled within 8 hours approx the hardcap .. was at work at the time. The chat was very active, many were sendings gifs. A very pleasant situation for all of us. wow 😀😀

Q2. Twitter Id : @Godpelpa

The goal of your project is to give back to the community through monetary rewards in $MOONA. So, can you explain how you plan to reward the community through the use of the token? What benefits do $MOONA holders have for holding the token in the long term?

We have distributed within now 24 hours of launch 99.47 BNB to the community as passive income. With that the price increased to an ATH at the same time. We are putting a lot of effort, skills and hard work into the project. Often we hear a nice feedback to our Dapp.

With the coming launchpad rewards, MOONA token holders will get in addition to the 8% transaction distribution tokens from partners that will launch their project with the Ms. Moona rewards Launchpad. We will initiate huge marketing campaigns once project owners can start their project with our native Dapp.

From January to March 2022 we will be looking into Play to Earn developments. We got then 3 months time to develop a fun and smart NFT-based game. 2 billions MOONA tokens have been locked as play to earn tokens until march. The planning and designing will start in January.

MOONA token holders benefit from the uniques token rewards setup, which allows you to configure your personal rewards in the way you like.

Ziya: How much tokens minimum to maximum to get holder rewards @moona_marco

There is a minimum contribution of 25,000 which is a very low entry point

Q3. Twitter Id : @antonio50221026

In the last few months projects have come on the market and it is becoming more and more difficult for the community to determine which are good projects and which are scams. So, can you explain why the community should invest in Moona and the services and products they offer?

That is true, we were following the developments. Many copy cats out there. Rewards in BNB, CAKE, ADA, BTC … each one an own project .. With Ms. Moona Rewards you are basically the King of the Rewards as you can select your own dividend tokens. Upcoming projects are also possible and will be bought for you by the smart contract directly on launch during your payout period.

We understand that we are new to the market and have to build trust with the community. We are very open to the community and are here with a great product for the Binance Smart Chain.

Q4. Twitter Id : @Lidiamga

I see Every MOONA token transaction will be taxed at 16%. Please explain about this 16% fee. Is it too much for MOONA users? Many projects only have a maximum fee of 10%. Can you convince us with 16% fee to bring profit to users as well as sustainability of the project?

We are starting with a 16% transaction tax model. That’s were the current trend is. That allows us to do all the good things:

8% Distribute high rewards to users
5% Having a huge marketing wallet for promotion and development
3% Stabilise the price with adding liquidity to the pool

With the expansion of our ecosystem we are aiming to reduce marketing and development fees.

Q5. Twitter Id : @AleemMubasher

The question is primarily focused on mitigating concerns over the few, but exceptionally large, ‘whale wallets’ that currently hold. Is there any way to counter that lopsided reality or to level the playing field for new investors?

I haven’t checked the wallets honestly, we were in the presale preparation.

i have a quick look… one second

It is open market and we cannot influence that. We do not have a max contribution. Those whales if they want to buy a token, then they find ways .. e.g. splitting up in multiple wallets. When you check the transactions, the you see that they bought their tokens from the exchange as everyone can do. The contract sells at 2,000,000 MOONA’s which is a very low entry point tokens for rewards. Everyone can claim using our native Dapp.

It is good for a project if whales recognise one. They are with us for the same reason as we are; to receive token dividends in any possible combination


Q.Is MOONA global and a decentralised project. Do you own a governance token and is there any plan of adding local communities globally ? Do you have a mobile app ?

the project is completely decentralised. we save no information on the server. all data is live from the blockchain

Q.As I know, your project is not fully doxxed. Are you planning to fully dox your team any time soon in the future so that the project will be more trusted. It would be a really good idea because I know this is definitely a hidden gem.

Yes, that is right. It’s everyones choice. Kieran is doxxed and Aby was in voice and video chat. I have kids and not everyone is nice and friendly. If possible I stay for now in the background. We are here with a great project. There is no need to be doxxed I guess. I don’t see any benefit of it. Many projects are doxxed and the outcome is not good. We rely on hard work

Q.What is the total supply you have planned for a few years of Ms MOONA the project has a temporary vision or I think about staying forever in case the dominance of bitcoin rises Do you think this affects $Moona?

We have MOONA tokens locked for play to earn, development and team (will be vested), treasury and reservoir.. Those tokens will be unlocked over time and at no point accessed at once. We put some thoughts into the distribution as we understand having tokens with and for further developments is important …

Q.☯️☯️ The market in the upcoming crypto market season will be quite volatile, the biggest rally in crypto history is coming to us, you or your team are planning any event. Any coming to capture this market?

it goes always up and down. atm is the market good i guess. i am not a trader at all.. i do software

Q.His vision “daily get several tokens of new promising BSC projects automatically in your wallet” But lately this is happening with coins that only steal our money from the private wallet. How to avoid a user being scammed or knowing how to identify which currency the scam?

we have certain features and safety measurements considered to identify unwanted token projects, e.g. honeypots and tokens that got no traction at all. We are looking forward to select approximately 6-8 dividend tokens per day. On some days it will be more and on some days less. Every 5 minutes 20+ new projects are coming out. We all know even if we hit just af ew of those moon tokens then the price can increase10x, 1000x and higer. The rewards are high at Ms. Moona Rewards and the contribution can be fully configured with the rewards ration. We will do the best to exclude those projects.

Q.❓️How Can users stay updated with this project? Are there channeIs, incIuding IocaI communities where users can get the latest updates??

yes, you can join our telegram

all links are laso at our Dapp

Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

The plattform is very user friendly and usable via phone and computer. A metamask plugin is requiried for now and a trust wallet connection will follow this weekend


Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community? Mr. Marco 🙂

Thank you so much Pastor for having me and the whole Ms. Moona Rewards community (I guess) with us in your great community.It was very nice to be here! Thank you so much. So many questions at once 😅 I wish I would have more time to answer them all

It was pleasure having you Mr. Marco 😊 for your time and attending this AMA. If you guys have any question and want to learn more about Ms. Moona Rewards

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