AMA RECAP: Crypto Talkz x Super Player world

Date : 27 October 2021

Time : 12:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Alistair Hulme

Venue :

Website :

🌟 Mr. Alistair Hulmq (Business Developer) shared us the Details about ‘ Super Player world ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : Hello and welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! :)Before we proceed, please introduce yourself to our community 🙂

Mr. Alistair Hulme :

Hellllo everyone! Thanks for attending our AMA ! We’re so happy to have such a great support! more exciting things are coming!

I am Alistair. Business Development and Partnerships Director of #SuperplayerWorld and I’m leading Marketing team.

My job is to ensure the entire team operate smoothly and be in sync with one other. Also, having a strong connection with SWP’S partners, game studios, and, especially, our treasured community.

That’s all for myself! I will try to do my best to answer your questions;)

Host : A great start!!.So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂


Host : First, please give an overview of SuperplayerWorld and some advanced features that make it outstanding from other GameFi-based platforms.

  • Mr. Alistair Hulme : SPW is a multi-chain platform of GameFi, providing services for the NFT trading market to trade digital assets from successfully launched games(incubated on SPW). by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the from of NFTs.
  • Additionally, SPW also provides a crowdfunding platform that helps indie game creators to fundraise.
  • And about the market. Even though game fundraising is a huge market, and a proven business model, there’s not a lot of innovation in that space. The market for digital goods is large and growing fast.
  • Here are the numbers: Video games are already north of a $140 bullion market, and tokenized consumer products are a $1.8 trillion market and growing. Indie game development is booming.
  • SuperplayerWorld is built at the convergence of these key industry trends, and currently we have no competitors.😆😆😆 Polkastarter is probably the closest one. But it’s non-crypto and we r much better offering overall.
  • And for the Ecosystem , Our ecosystem including Yield Guilds, Launchpad, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator.

And for our members who are not already familiar with the project, can you give us a brief what competitive edge it brings to the GameFi Universe?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : As some of u may know, blockchain play-to-earn gaming started making headlines in these few months.But the whole blockchain-based in-game economy is still in its infancy.

1. There is no dedicated launchpad for blockchain games that allows those interested to gain early access to qualifying games.

2.There is no game hub to explore standout blockchain game projects or valuable in-game items.

3.There is no central repository where players can easily track their earnings and manage their in-game items.

4.There is no market place provides comprehensive game finance tools,

including trading, funding, and scholarship opportunities.

Besides, even game studios are willing to adopt blockchain, many of them lack the necessary technical expertise and an effective platform for reaching out to game players or token holders.

That’s the destiny of SWP.

So, How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

  • Mr. Alistair Hulme : We will continue to strengthen our influencer campaigns – that’s our main marketing focus.We are working with some big influencers in crypto space now.
  • Additionally, we expect to gain a lot of exposure from our partnerships with top crypto and non-crypto games which will continuously bring new users to our platform. We will also bring traditional game developers to the crypto market as it’s our mission. And about the token $HONOR🤑🤑
  • Firstly, Priority rights – Hold a certain amount of $HONOR can get the right of first-hand purchase. Within a certain period, the new GameFi project in Superplayer.World will be opened to #HONOR holders first. The purchase right will be opened to other users when $HONOR holders are not enough to complete the sale of all shares.
  • Secondly, Participate in DAO- SPW business decisions(such as publishing game review, etc.) will be gradually decentralized tp the community to achieve DAO and decentralization of the platform. Holding HONOR will be able to vote for a specific proposal in the form of pledge.

And also, Can you tell us more about the #Superplayer World roadmap?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : In some way, it is quite simple for us at present.

Currently, the development of an entrance has completed.

There are various NFT projects are seeking cooperation with us, and after the evaluation, we will announce some of them

Our own Gamefi is on progress, it will meet you in the near future!🤩🤩

Currently, the airdrop revelry is ongoing, the person who own our native token will have different rights and interests!

Here is the website(Don’t misssssssing it) :

It means members who have our token will enjoy the priority to play and earn and purchase valuable NFTs as a fair price.

2️⃣ Twitter Segment

Q1. Twitter ID: @toad19016188

How easy is it to create my own game using Super Player World? Do I need to have large amounts of NFT to start building? Are there any fees for using the platform?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : It’s very easy for game developers to get on SPW,the integration is seamless.

All you need is a set amount you are looking forward to raising, and a list of NFT assets you are going to sell. At this point we will help each developer to find the best fit to raise their set amount of funds.

By the way we will take care of the technical aspect of the NFT generation process and an API for Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. So that the game creators will not have to do any extra work.

Oh and for the fees.

Regarding the fees, there will be no fees for the first 100 game listings!

And after that, the raising fees will be up to 2%—very low compared to Polkastarter.

Q2. Twitter ID: @CydNft

The community always anticipates incentives programs from new project like this, so will there any incentive program for users?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : We love our community ❤️ So we have plenty of exciting things planned out

We will have frequent NFT giveaways. We aim to do one with Every game listing.

We will feature a lot of contests. Last week we had a sticker contest and next week we will introduce a meme contest. So, make sure to participate!!!

We are going to introduce an ambassador program for our most loyal community members.

There’s also going to be special incentives for $HONOR token holders. For one, you’ll be able to earn $HONOR tokens by completing fun tasks, like reviewing games, or beta-testing them. Also, you’ll get premium access to the most in-demand NFTs and your trading fees will be very small!

Q3. Twitter ID: @Lifeisa96514061

Currently, famous KOLs or gamers are having a great influence on the community, do you plan to use their image to promote Super Player World? If yes, what form and advertising campaign?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : For sure! We are in touch with many KOLs and we are already working with influencers with 10-15M and more subscribers all over the world on YouTube and Tiktok. We will continue to increase our marketing outreach as we move forward with our platform launch.

SPW is a platform where everyone can participate from anywhere. There are no country restrictions. So we are particularly focused on making Super Player World accessible not only to the English speaking part of the world,but also to other communities, like for example Vietnam🥰\

We will also get a lot of synergy from our game listings and strategic partners!

Q4. Twitter ID: @0JeanWayne

Most NFT marketplaces only accept the platform’s native token as payment on users’ transactions. Will this also be the case for Super Player World? In your NFT marketplace, can user use other cryptocurrencies, aside from your token, as they buy and sell NFTs?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : Yes, it also fit for us.
In the beginning, the trading market was only open to NFTs from popular GameFi/hitelisted GameFi/cooperative GameFi to ensure the quality of assets in the trading market and avoid the longg tail phenomenon.

Q5. Twitter ID: @pu_gge

Please name some barriers of Super Player World to entry when participating in the NFT marketplace. What plan has your platform prepared to compete with other NFT marketplaces like Rarible, OpenSea, NBA top shot, etc?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : First of all, we are a crowdfunding platform.

So, our main mission is to help Game designers bring more interesting game projects to the gaming and crypto communities.

So, we don’t directly compete with other NFT marketplaces since we’re highly specialized in game items. We also bring in a non-crypto community to our platform(and crypto space) as well.

So, these game projects will not have a listing anywhere else. SPW will feature and incubate a lot of original game NFTs that will not be available anywhere else.

3️⃣ Telegram Live Segment

Q. Why is Superplayer so attractive?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : 🤣🤣Coz SuperPlayer.World can solve some existing problems and provide the liquidity.

Superplayer.World will be divided into five major sections

1.NFT issuance
Provide asset issuance service and promotion channels for the new high-quality GameFi project.

2.NFT trading market
The NFTs in the whitelist will be able to circulate freely in the NFT trading market.

3.NFT application platform
The project party can embed NFT applications (such as pledges or battles) into Superplayer.World or let users jump to NFT application scenarios through hyperlinks.

4.Transit bridge service
Superplayer.World can provide asset transfer bridge services for those who intend to implement multi-chain deployment.

5.Token rights and governance
Superplayer.World embeds the token HONOR into the business process, providing holders with priority rights, investment protection and DAO power.

Q.Hello Mr Alistair
Like you have rightly said
“blockchain play-to-earn gaming started making headlines in these few months.But the whole blockchain-based in-game economy is still in its infancy”.
So what contributions do you at SUPERPLAYWORLD offer to the gaming economy to help it outgrow its currenvt infancy stage,
And help it flourish even better??

Mr. Alistair Hulme : Our most important goal is to release our fully working platform and list carefully chosen game projects. We plan to reach that goal in the next few months, as our platform is in the final stages of development. After the platform release, we will continue to perfect it and add more features that benefit our community.

Q.How can we collect super player Rare Digital Art ?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : I choose this short question for the next!

Firstly, you need to be one of our community member for sure.

Secondly, stay tuned and get involved our events,coz there are always our native token $Honor as rewards.

Lastly, while there are renown projects issuing their NFTs on our platform,members will have priority to get a spot for purchasing the rare NFTs.

And we will have our own NFTs series,too. Keep looking forward to it!!!!! 🤓🤓🤓

Q.Could you share 1 3 killer feature of your project that makes it ahead of it’s a competitors? What is the competitive of advantages of your platform has that you feel most the confident about..??

Mr. Alistair Hulme : Opps. I think the first question’s answer is also suitable for this one. We have five different major sections:NFT issuance,NFT trading market,NFT application platform,Transit bridge service and Token rights and governance.They help us to build a platform that can help Gamefis do everything that they want

Q.Due to vast opportunity
$HONOUR token holder gets
Where and how can I currently buy $HONOUR TOKEN ?

Mr. Alistair Hulme : OK I will answer this one! For play and earn ! I answered how to play before. Now show u how to earn!

SuperplayerWorld Token ( $HONOR) Contract lived but we haven’t have schedule of listing.


Here it is!

You can search ‘Honor'(Not case sensitive) directly on BscScan search bar and the first one that Pop out is our token!!! Yes, the only one and the first one! Is us!!!!!

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community? 🙂

Yes! Hope everyone can follow and love our project!!!! Your support means a lot to us. And as the bull market comes back. hope everyone can earn money from blockchain!!!
And last but not least! Buy honor!!!

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