Date : 3 MARCH 2022

Time : 1:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Joey Li

Venue :

Website :

🌟 Mr. Joey Li shared us the Details about ‘ Fairdesk ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us, we have @fairdesk_official !

Hello @ajoey91 ..It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Joey Li: Thank you : )

Nice to meet you all

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: How’s your day been busy?

Joey Li: I just had a busy day, but I’ve been waiting for this AMA with Crypto Talkz for the whole day.

Finally we are here haha

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: That’s great to hear !!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

Could you start by introducing yourself and perhaps regarding the key team behind Fairdesk to us? What kind of backgrounds do you guys have prior to Fairdesk?

Joey Li: I’m Joey Li, the event manager at Fairdesk Exchange. Fairdesk Dev Team is founded by a group of technical geeks from Binance and Morgan Stanley. Our CEO Jacky Cai had worked with CZ from Binance during the 2020 : )

Can you give an overview of Fairdesk as a whole? And how do you plan to make a change in the Cryptoverse?

Joey Li: Fairdesk is a crypto assets trading platform. We aim to make trading more accessible and easier for everyone, that’s the original vision of our founder team.

May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

Joey Li: Yes we have some amazing partners in the finance and crypto industries 💎

How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share the developments of the project?

Joey Li: Community = Users. And we believe that the customers are our god. We listen to the community and the markets. We are building our project based on the voice of users. A product that people like is a good product.

Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Fairdesk achieved so far?

Joey Li: Since we launch our Token (FDT). The whole company is moving fast, we are plan to add spot trading in Q2 and social trading in Q3. The ICO and top exchange listing are considered to be done in Q3. We are just getting started, our team has rapidly expanded to 50+ employees.


Q1. How do you manage to minimize the trading cost for clients? So that the clients can grow together with you!
And that creates a beautiful relationship b/w Fairdesk and users.

Joey Li: The reason why we can have such a low handling fee is because of the special risk management mechanism, it is more difficult for users to liquidate their positions when they use Fairdesk to trade. Our rates are lower than any exchange on the market because we want to make it easier for users to get started with trading and crypto.

Q2. I understand that the FDT token is the cornerstone of the Fairdesk ecosystem but could you tell me about the main utilities of the FDT token? From an investment point of view how profitable and beneficial will it be to be a holder of the FDT token?

I suggest read:
and our whitepaper:
We are a long term program and we looking for long term development 🎉

Q3. One of your products that caught my attention is FairDesk Academy which will offer courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies to users. How will we be able to access these courses? Will it be available only for its holders or also for the general public?

Joey Li: Fairdesk Academy is for everyone. There is no limit for people to access all our courses and articles.

Q4. Are there any brands/companies you plan to partner with or already existing brands/companies?

Joey Li: We will have big move on the Korea market, stay tuned for the magic 🎁

Q5. I read that your platform is fully capable of meeting the needs of professional traders. But, is Fairdesk adaptable to users with little experience? How will you attract those enthusiasts who have no technical knowledge of decentralized trading?

Joey Li: Fairdesk is a user-friendly trading platform. Our UI design is simple and easy-to-use. We have a lot of tutorials, articles, videos for beginners to learn how to trade crypto.


Q. In the fairdesk app there is a section called Arena what is it and what can we find in this Arena ?

Joey Li : Trading Arena is Fairdesk special trading mode. Your will open a position with 80x leverage in isolated mode by default. We have a ranking board for users to see their ranking among all of traders in this arena.

Q. “Fairdesk platform” provide user with industry’s safest, fastest, fairest and most transparent trading experience ? Is there any referal program also on your platform If yes then can you explain how your referal system works and how we can get rewards?

Joey LI : Check our referral program here:

Q. On your website it indicates that the recruitment of volunteers has begun, but could you really tell us what activities these volunteers will carry out? And what characteristics should they have to be selected as a volunteer?

Joey Li : Volunteers will join us and work together for events and campaign. We are looking for creative and energetic people to work with us.

Q . Why did you decide to go with fairdesk does it have a special meaning i am very curious about it ?

Joey Li : Fair refers to Fairness, desk is a place where people come to trade. The world is not fair and Fairdesk can be your JUDGE.

Q . Greetings, Simple but most valuable question ,
Are you going to start Pre-sale or Have you Started this already ?
If you Started Please Give us the Link of Pre-sale .

Joey Li: Pre-sale will most likely happens in Q3, stay tuned for that : )

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: Thank you Its time for Wrapping Up, any other things you want to share with the communities? @ajoey91 🙂

Joey Li:Don’t forget to try Fairdesk

Register and use it for trading.

We are the next one : )

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