On 27th of April 2022 at 12:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with Super Protocol

🌟Mr. Nukri Basharuli – Founder & CEO of Super Protocol shared us the Details about ‘ Super Protocol ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today we are also very pleased to have the Founder/CEO of Super Protocol with us to talk about the development and progress of Super Protocol. Welcome Mr. Nukri Basharuli !

Nukri Basharuli : Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to be here

Host : Welcome here! How is your day going so far?

Nukri Basharuli : Everything is really great! Yesterday we have updated our website, check it out here:

Host : That’s great to hear !!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

First, Can you make a brief introduction about yourself and the Super Protocol?

Ofc, with pleasure!

My name is Nukri Basharuli. I’m Founder and CEO of Super Protocol. Serial Entrepreneur, btw. And Confidential Computing Expert with over 7 years of perfection in the digital distribution space and license processing technology through a bunch of startup ventures and IT projects. I worked with multiple global companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Disney, Pearson etc.
I truly believe in digital license processing along with relationship management between the digital objects. As the world is rapidly moving towards a global Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.
I have applied all my knowledge and experience to create something as super as the Internet. The New era of the Internet: Super Protocol.

My team and I had already built successful company in confidential computing before, for now on the challenge is to bring confidential computing into web3 and achieve its true decentralization. So we are the most capable team for this type of challenge

Can you tell us more about Super Protocol and how it differentiates from other projects?

Nukri Basharuli: Super Protocol combines blockchain with the most advanced confidential computing technologies on the market to create a universal decentralized cloud computing platform. Super Protocol thus offers a Web3 alternative to traditional cloud service providers and makes it possible for anyone to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for the future Internet.

A modern ecosystem owned by a large cloud service provider may offer hundreds of services, but nevertheless it is a closed ecosystem. Super Protocol permissionless community-driven nature allows for a potentially unlimited combinations of computational capacity, public and private data, and innovative services, integrated into the same open protocol.

Three distinct points set us apart from the pack:

✅ Fully decentralized cloud computing
✅ Confidential computing (data and code are hardware-protected using Intel SGX technology (Intel is our technological partner)
✅ Any types of computations possible using confidential containers (AI, VR/AR, GameFi, DeFi, NFT, big data, all that, anything that the classic providers can do – we can do)

Our competition might have one or two of the above features. But we are the only ones capable of achieving a complete trustless decentralized environment by integrating all three technologies combined.

What are some of the major milestone’s you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

Actually, we have started developing Super Protocol almost a year ago and now we got MVP already and Testnet launched on Polygon. In mid May we will release public Testnet, that is why we have started our marketing several weeks ago. We got already 2k followers in Twitter and more than 4K member in Telegram. So join our community in order to take part in public Testnet and learn more about the upcoming Public Sale:

May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

Partnerships are backbone of every project. Currently our partners pipeline is very wide. We have partnered with Intel corp and Intel helps us on building our partnership network by contacting us to their logistic chain participants who would eventually become our TEE providers in Super Protocol ecosystem. We will announce every partnership in our community, so stay tuned:

And lastly, Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up our first segment?

Huh, nice question 😉 In mid May we will launch H-U-G-E bounty program, which will affect not only networkers but also tech writers, different content creators and even developers, so stay tuned

Twitter Segment

Q1. One of your Token Utilities is STAKING & GOVERNANCE. So as your new user, I want to know how your #Staking works here & mention the benefits attached to it? Also, explain how we can get involved with your #Governance system?

Great question, but I suppose we should wait a little bit to get complete answer to this question. We are planning to announce Staking and Liquidity Farming programs specifications in the end of May, so follow us on Twitter in order not to miss something valuable:

Q2. Currently, many DeFi and NFT projects are difficult to link to, as it requires a large platform that allows them to share data securely. What does Super Protocol bring to these companies or customers who want to feel secure in their data processing and interoperability?

The key Web3 concept is to create open, decentralized alternatives for all the platforms and applications at the core of modern Internet. At the moment there are quite a few ongoing projects that are trying to implement this idea. Little by little, they are filling the gaps that currently exist in the decentralized world.

But decentralization is not the only defining feature of the Web3 concept. It is expected that the following technologies will play a key role in the future: Big Data, AI, IoT, and VR/AR. These technologies require a lot of computational capacity and access to data, know-how and specific tools for creating cutting edge products. The lion’s share of the cloud services market at the moment is controlled by only three corporations. The same corporations and a number of other similar entities also control most of the data and technologies that will be fundamental for the Internet of the future.

Exponential growth in the number of data sources, the volume and variety of data, as well as ever more complex algorithms for data processing give rise to more severe requirements for data anonymization and confidential computing. In particular, to meet these requirements, CPU manufacturers have, for a number of years at this point, been honing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology, which allows code to be executed in an isolated environment, protecting data integrity and confidentiality.

Super Protocol uses the latest blockchain and TEE developments to create a universal decentralized protocol for distributed confidential computing. Super Protocol offers an alternative to traditional cloud service providers within the Web3 space and makes it possible for everyone to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for the future Internet.

So it is clear, that we offer investors a legible way to join the Web3 revolution and partake in a project, that would definitely change the world very soon, as the World is ready for these changes. Web3 should become truly decentralized and with Super Protocol it definitely will be

Q3. As mentioned on your project roadmap, Super Protocol will consider multichain strategy in the future. Aside from ETH network, what other blockchains do you have in mind to integrate Super Protocol with?

We got our Token and project tokenomics run on Ethereum Blockchain. Moreover, the main blockchain for confidential computing is Polygon. We are already in collaboration with Polygon on supporting our Protocol, btw. In 2023 we will add more blockchain as the ecosystem will grow

Q4. You mention that Super Protocol would be one of the best current alternatives for mining. Could you tell us in detail what would be the real advantages? Could it achieve the same efficiency as mining in the traditional way? What about costs? Would it be more profitable?

First of all, TEE provider – the person who owns computational power. Anyone with lots of xp in mining could become one by assembling TEE compatible device (contact me if you are interested btw)
The main point is the following: there is a lot of competition in mining and the computing is used only for calculating block for different blockchains. In Super Protocol – computing power is used for useful computing, so we kinda disrupting the mining market by bringing eco-friendly sustainable alternative of useful confidential computing instead of overcrowded mining. And yes, as the ecosystem of Super Protocol grows – confidential computing will become more profitable than mining. And the cherry on the top – that Super Protocol also pays rewards to the equipment owner who just partake in network, it is not obligatory to perform computing, but if you perform it – your reward growth respectively

Q5. What are the main strengths obtained with the cloud, does it have the capacity to detect attacks in time that put the evolution of the platform and the assets of investors at risk, among all the components of its ecosystem,which ones should it attend to with the highest priority?

Actually, you can’t even make an attack for confidential computing processes, cause the data is protected not only digitally, but also on Hardware level. You can learn more about Super Protocol architecture in our whitepaper here:

Telegram Live Segment

For the Super Protocol Q3 Public Sale is planned, so can you share the details to participate in it? On which launch pads will the IDO take place?

We are launching our public sale in Q3 2022, that’s right. And we will do it on CopperLaunch platform. All the details on how to partake in our Public Sale will be available in late May, so join our community to stay tuned:

Confidential Super Cloud WEB3 is a mission to decentralize cloud computing and return it to the community, but I ask you, are current decentralized clouds really not available to the community? If so, how will Super Protocol be able to return them?

Great question! We are granting an opportunity to all computing power owners to join Super Protocol, where they will be able to provide their computing power for the real needs of the community. Super Protocol provides unstoppable infrastructure for any kind of Web3 projects and developers of these projects could also use Super Protocol to be 100% sure that they are truly decentralized. We will eliminate the domination of centralized cloud providers and bring the power back to community

Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners??

We are a global scale confidential super cloud. We are aiming to cover all the World and build a massive ecosystem where everyone will be sure that their data is strictly confidential

This Company is located in the US, does this means there are borders and its isn’t globalized yet??

The core IPs are in US, that’s true. But we got decentralized team of experts in development, marketing and product development. Moreover, we got our worldwide partner Intel, who will help us to delve deeper into each region of the world. And you can also help us in scaling by joining Super Protocol as TEE provider or service developer/data owner

Will Super Protocol really only be limited to offering a decentralized and confidential Cloud? or is this Web3 Cloud just one product of a large ecosystem that they plan to create?

That’s only a basics which we chosen to start with. We are planning to launch our own solutions on Super Protocol and ofc developers from all over the world will be also available to deploy any of their services on Super Protocol. So there will be a huge ecosystem eventually

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto Super Protocol. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for Wrapping Up, any other things you want to share with the community? @agtRaiser 🙂

Nukri Basharuli : Thank you all for your attention, I really appreciate it! And see you in our community, fellows. Waiting ya all to join:

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