On 1st of March 2022 at 2:00 AM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with SugarBounce

🌟Mr. Navin Ray – CEO of SugarBounce shared us the Details about ‘ Sugar Bounce ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us, we have @SugarBounceNSFW !

Hello @NRay84 ..It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Navin Ray : Thank you for having me. Its really nice to be here to interact with you and all the community members

Host : Welcome here sir!. It seems a busy day for SugarBounce?

Navin Ray: Its been super busy here. We have started opening access to Sugar Streams which is the first platform in our ecosystem. Its been quite a journey

That’s great to hear !!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

Could you start by introducing yourself and perhaps regarding the key team behind SugarBounce to us? What kind of backgrounds do you guys have prior to SugarBounce?

Navin Ray:
Let’s start with me. I’m Navin Ray. I am the CEO of SugarBounce. I used to work in the adult industry for 10+ years. Actually got into crypto in 2017 bought some bitcoin then and kept reading about this fascinating new technology realized it was game changing for the industry I was working in.

My team consists of 15 people in house and another 15 working on a contractual basis. A couple of my devs are from my previous organization. I have known them for a while , they ultimately decided to join me on this journey when i told them about what i was planning on doing.

We have block chain developers , streaming engineers, designers. Our Head of Talent – Sabien, Head of Outreach – Diana, and Coach for models – Genny are all current Cam Models.
If you see, this is actually the perfect team with the right set of skills to ensure the success of our project SugarBounce.

Can you give an overview of SugarBounce as a whole? And how do you plan to make a change in the Cryptoverse?


SugarBounce is made up of 6 individual platforms from cams to subscriptions to a marketplace for NFTs , a crowdfunding platform , a decentralized content repository , a payment processor all of which would go live one by one and then come together to form one ecosystem which is SugarBounce

As you know there is a lot of stigma and taboo attached to adult work and for those of us who work in the adult industry especially models and content creators, they face a lot of issues like content ownership, anonymity, lack of fair pay , exploitation at the hands of traditional financial institutions and more. And for years there was not much we could do about it as it was how the industry functioned, but with the adoption of blockchain and crypto in the adult sector we can today solve these issues and when we started to discuss we realized that this was the perfect time to create and launch this project.

We see a lot of marketing around SugarStreams? Can you explain what is it and how can people get access to it?

Right now we launched Sugar Streams – It is an adult cam site with one of the highest payouts to performers.The UI UX is unlike anything currently in this space. Our Streaming network is proprietary. Also you know viewers can choose to be node hosts and earn rewards on the back end while watching their favorite performer stream.

Well we have been opening access to Sugar Streams in a phased manner. Currently only VIP stakers and developers from the community who had registered with us have access. Next it will be premium and standard stakers and after that we open it up for everyone else so if you want access come and stake in our VIP pool 😉

Does SugarBounce have staking option? What are the benefits for staking $TIP?

Yes we have our native staking pool

Staking $TIP is quite simple. All you have to do is:
1. Go to: and Connect your Wallet
2. Select the pool of your choice and enter the amount of $TIP you want to stake
3. Click on Deposit, a MetaMask pop-up window will appear – follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
4. After successful completion of the transaction, your $TIP tokens will be locked into the platform for the duration of the period selected and you can earn APRs of upto 250% 🤑💸

As for our VIP stakers – Users who stake in the VIP pool will not only get access to a higher APR but are also getting access to premium features on the Sugar Streams.

And lastly, What are the highlights of SugarBounce technology and products that you believe will help you succeed? And what plans do you have to attract more users ?

SugarBounce is an ecosystem of 6 different platforms which will bring all kinds of online adult entertainment under one roof –

Our 6 individual platforms are –

– Sugar streams is an adult cam site with one of the highest payouts to performers. Also you know viewers can choose to be node hosts and earn rewards on the back end while watching their favorite performer stream

– Sugar Pals is a subscription-based video blogging platform like OnlyFans but with much better U/I U/X and even payouts to performers

– Sugar Reels is a decentralized version of a content repository like pornhub or Xvideos but we will share Ad revenues with content creators so they have a passive income for the rest of their lives.

– Sugar Starter is a crowdfunding platform for newcomers and existing content creators where they can crowd fund their entire journey in the adult film industry and not have to go through middle men who exploit them.

– Sugar Markets is an online NFT marketplace with a very unique idea of having utility NFTs where content creators will be exclusively available to NFT holders via streams for a particular amount of time a day for a finite number of days. It will be like a key to a door to your favorite content creators where you get more exclusive personalized access.

– Sugar Pay is our cost-effective and completely anonymous payment processor which will take on the current payment processors and banks who charge a ridiculously high amount of commission on every transaction

Well in the crypto space we are using Kols and doing giveaways and taking out PR articles. For the adult space customer acquisition comes mostly from display advertising on other adult sites which we will start doing when we open access to all users

Host : Thanks for that well detailed introduction about SugarBounce❤️

Twitter segment

Q1. You state in the white paper that 90% of the revenue will go to the content creator. How will the remaining 10% be used by Sugar Bounce? Is this 10% the only payment that content creators have to make or do they have to make some other payment such as a recurring subscription?

Well from upto 25% of net profits we make from the platform we will be buying and back and burning $TIP tokens.

Apart from their usual earnings the models will also get a percentage of ad revenues made on the platform

Q2. What are your current products? If I am completely new to this ecosystem, where do I start? As a consumer I think making it accessible is the fastest way to build a platform for video/content creators. So, how accessible is your platform in terms of memberships?

Currently Sugar Streams is live and you can start there. Access is being given to users in a phased manner first to VIP then premium and standard and then general public.

Q3. How can someone who wants to work as a content creation for SugarBounce apply, and what are the prerequisites for working as a content producer on your platform?

They can just come and apply on there are no prerequisites as such just have some cam experience and be above age of 21 years

Q4. I heard about your partnership with #TasteNFT, an NFT marketplace for sensual digital artwork. So could you talk more about this great news? What is it all about and what’s the objective of this Partnership? And importantly, what will this partnership bring to the table?

Our partnership with Taste NFT is a very interesting and mutually beneficial partnership.

Using TasteNFT’s figurative concept, dynamic and sensual content created by Sugar Stars within the SugarBounce ecosystem can be converted into NFTs and sold on the TasteNFT Marketplace. Thus, having more visibility of our content NFT from “Sugar Streams” which is our anonymous and streaming platform allows users to access exclusive live entertainment anywhere, anytime.
Our goal is to diversify our ever-expanding community & amplify our reach in the adult NFT market through this collaboration!
Here are the specifics of the collaboration:
– SugarBounce will have their NFT collection displayed on TasteNFTs marketplace.
– A selective collection of the top-notch content of our elite group for models/influencers will be converted into NFTs and will be available on TasteNFT’s marketplace.

Q5. The NSFW Industry is known for being exploitative towards it’s workers. How will SugarBounce beat this stigma? Will the creators on your platform have full autonomy of their job? How much profit will they be able to obtain from their work and how much will it go to you?

Our whole platform is about getting rid of the exploitation of content creators. If you see every aspect of all the individual platforms that we are building is meant to do exactly that. e.g our payment processor sugar pay will finish dependency of adult content creators on credit cards and other financial institutions that exploit them. They will make upto 90% of their earnings with multiple avenues of making an income

Telegram Live Segment

🧨 If I am an Adult Entertainer, what do I need to do if I want to start monetizing my content on your Platform? Do I need to pass any kind of vefiricationf process for it? Is there any fee I need to pay to SugarBounce to be a content creator and maintain my work on the platform?

You can email us on with your id proving ur above legal age. Currently we are offering 100$ signup bonus to models with previous cam experience who join our platform. There is no fee to join

🔥my question🔥

🙋‍♀ $TIP token powers the entire ecosystem of your large project. So could you share the motivations and benefits of SugarBounce to hold their token for the long term as investors only focus on short term price of the token in many projects?

Actually our project is a long term project. Our token $TIP has amazing utility and as an when we keep launching different platforms its so interconnected that every aspect will keep adding to the utility.

What are the list of exchanges I can buy your token from?

And how can I earn by holding your token.?

You can buy $TIP on –

and pancakeswap –

To earn by holding you can stake here –

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Most important priority as of now is the success of sugar Streams.

🍎Which platforms/projects do you consider Sugar Bounce’s main competitors, and how do you intend to make your platform more popular than theirs?

For SugarBounce as a whole i dont know if someone is doing something so extensive but we aim to compete with all the traditional platforms like chaturbate , stripchat live jasmin , pornhub

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto SugarBounce. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for Wrapping Up, any other things you want to share with the communities? @NRay84 🙂

Yes just Sugar Streams is live please stake on to get access and come and see for yourself the utility and platform that we have built. We aim to deliver.

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