On 11th of April 2022 at 5:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with MetaBlox

🌟Mr. Arman Alan – Head of community Growth of MetaBlox shared us the Details about ‘ MetaBlox ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: Hello Everyone !! Today we have Mr. Arman Alan @ChatonMetaBloxCommunity for an interactive ama session with us 🙂

Greetings!💐 Welcome to Crypto Talkz ❤️ We are glad to have you! 🎊

Arman Alan : Hey! Glad to be here! Hello to everyone at Crypto Talkz!

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: It’s our pleasure to have you sir 😊🤗

How’s your day? been busy ?

Arman Alan : Yeah, looking forward to this AMA. I really like the community you guys have built.

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒 : So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

Q1. Can you make a brief introduction about yourself and the MetaBlox?

Arman Alan: Hi everyone! I’m Arman Alan, the Head of Community and Growth at MetaBlox. Basically, MetaBlox is a project that has been in the works for several years now. Our goal is to establish a network protocol in Web3 where the users are rewarded, not companies.

Q2. Can you tell us more about MetaBlox and how it differentiates from other projects?

Arman Alan: Of course, so the best way to think about MetaBlox is that it is like Helium but with Wi-Fi. Helium’s network is based off LoRaWan, which is very low bandwidth and has limited use cases. Plus you need to pay to use their network.

Arman Alan: MetaBlox differs by operating on Wi-Fi, which has much greater bandwidth and capacity for various user activities in Web3. Also MetaBlox is free to use, meaning once people download our app, you will have access to free Wi-Fi wherever MetaBlox miners are set up.

Q3. What are some of the major milestones you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

Arman Alan: As I mentioned earlier, MetaBlox has been in the works for some years now.

We won the first Canadian Federal Government Blockchain Project just last year.

A few months ago we secured $2M in our seed round of fundraising. This gives us not only the capital needed to rollout the MetaBlox Network, but also partnerships within the Web3 industry which will be important for our future.

We also released a demo of our app in our communities.

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒 : If possible Can you share the links with our community 😊

Sure! The best way is through our website

P.S. (I would sign up for the waitlist for our miners)

Q4. May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

Arman Alan: Yes actually!

We are thrilled to be partnered with Harmony.

Harmony not only partnered with us but also strategically invested in us via a community vote.

We will soon launch on Harmony.

Q5. Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up our first segment?

Arman Alan: Honestly, I don’t think MetaBlox needs any news or leaks to be bullish on it. I have been in crypto for some time and I have not seen another project with as much use case potential and value as MetaBlox.
Personally, it makes me very excited, not as someone who works with MetaBlox, but as an outside enthusiast of crypto.

As far as my little piece of advice to your community, I’d heavily suggest signing up for the waitlist for our miners.

We are going to heavily incentivize the rollout of our network and reward users heavily.

Our miners will generate passive income for people after a short payback period.

As our network is more valuable than Helium’s, the demand for our miners will be significantly greater. Now is your chance and opportunity to be a part of the initial community by simply signing up for a waitlist, we believe in rewarding the users. Especially the initial community who build and roll out the MetaBlox network.

You can sign up the waitlist for our miners at

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒 : Thank you for starting the session with enthusiasm and well detailed introduction about MetaBlox 🚀❤️

Twitter segment

Q1. Twitter Id – @Rszamora86

I observed that your staking application has two pools, “Node” and “Super Node.” Could you possibly distinguish between the two types of staking pools? What are the criteria to begin staking in Metablox Network using these pools?

Initially, the majority of our tokens issued will be via Farming/Staking. By our first halving event in four years, we expect the distribution of issuance of tokens to be 50% via Farming and Staking, and 50% via Mining.

That means people who own and stake $MBLX tokens initially will earn more $MBLX tokens and issued governance tokens.

The differences between “Node” and “Super Node” are simple.

Nodes require 20,000 $MBLX tokens to be locked for 7 days. After which you will be rewarded with $MBLX tokens and a governance ticket.

Super Nodes require 200,000 $MBLX tokens to be locked for 90 days. After which you will be rewarded with $MBLX tokens and 30 governance tickets.

The $MBLX tokens earned by Super Nodes will be worth more than Nodes as they are staking a larger amount of $MBLX for a longer time period.

These governance tickets will allow users to vote on the direction of our Network and will operate as a DAO. We believe this is important because it allows the people who use and invest in our network to be the ones who dictate its future.

In order to begin staking in the MetaBlox Network, you first must purchase $MBLX tokens.

The team is currently working on launching our IDO so that people may be able to acquire $MBLX tokens and participate in our network.

Q2. Twitter Id – @WhiteGianmarco

Earning in the game is crucial, but having fun while earning is equally important to me.
How much emphasis do you place on the game’s enjoyable aspects?
What safeguards are in place to ensure that the game is accessible to everyone, including non-crypto players?

So MetaBlox itself is not a game. It is a Network Protocol that utilizes DID (Decentralized-ID) & VC (Verifiable Credentials).

DID is essentially like your login ID to all future Web3 activities like GameFi and DeFi.

Once you download MetaBlox, you will make your own DID which is uniquely assigned to you, however, it does not identify you personally.

You may be able to use our DID and access an online casino, but only give up the information needed (your age).

You will also be able to build a history with apps and games you interact and use with your Decentralized-ID.

MetaBlox places user-privacy first and foremost as we believe it is essential to a truly open and decentralized Web3 future.

Q3. Twitter Id – @AugustK95

I read that one of the ways in which we can participate in the Metablox network will be that we use their network completely free, but in what specific utilities can we use their network? and will it be accessible to everyone? or only for those experts in blockchain?

What separates MetaBlox from other projects, is that we are the first to implement DID & VC technologies. These are currently developing Web3 standards, MetaBlox team is working on implementing them as they get developed. We are going to become the platform on which the future of Web3 is accessed from.

Users who use our network will be issued a DID that identifies them as they use Web3 utilities across different blockchains. That means you will be able to access and manage your crypto from different major L1 blockchains. We will aggregate all DeFi yield, from farming, mining, and staking in other blockchains, and issue the yield to users as $MBLX tokens in your MetaBlox wallet.

The ability to build a history, and access all Web3 services and utilities anonymously offers users empowering opportunities. For example, you may be able to build your credit anonymously which will lead to even higher returns on yields via DeFi services.

MetaBlox essentially serves to act as a privacy layer between you and Web3. This privacy layer allows you to own and control your personal data however you please.
But as always, with data comes great monetization opportunities. In Web2, users were not given a choice and their personal data and privacy were exploited for profits.

MetaBlox will be accessible to everyone and will be easy to use. In fact, MetaBlox will make the barrier to entry even simpler as it will become the only app you will need.

With our DID integrated wallet, the average user will be able to manage and control their crypto assets from different blockchains which is extremely attractive to people as the complexity of blockchain is what keeps users away from it.

Q4. Twitter Id – @Wormz29

I saw in your Timeline this → “First MetaBlox EXPERIENCING ZONE in the Philippines”. I am from the Philippines that’s why I get interested in it. So can you explain this more to us? Why the Philippines? And how do you want Filipinos to get involved here?

The Philippines was an attractive choice for MetaBlox to initially operate in. We have an extensive network and team members that are involved with the highest levels of Telcos and Banks in the Philippines.

So the Philippines is a major choice for us because there is great opportunity for MetaBlox and the people of the Philippines. They are a developed country however lack the necessary infrastructure to communicate with one another. Also, many people in the Philippines do not have a bank account which makes it extremely hard for them to participate in the global economy.

MetaBlox’s purpose in the Philippines is two-fold.

First, we offer an attractive service to the people of the Philippines. We provide free Wi-Fi access which serves the people and also offers monetization opportunities, as not only people who set up miners are rewarded with $MBLX token. But people who use and validate the $MBLX tokens, which are people that access the free Wi-Fi are also rewarded for validating the network.

Secondly, the Philippines is a great opportunity not only for MetaBlox and the Philippines, but also crypto as a whole. Our DeFi services such as our wallet will integrate them into the global crypto economy.

We want Filipinos to set up and use our miners because it addresses the things the people of Philippines needs. Like I said, we are the most user-centric network and the benefits of our network will go right back to the Filipinos who use and maintain our network.

I’d love to give more detail however I have been advised not to until things are fully rolled out.

We are also planning a similar experience in Hollywood and have been in talks with city officials, as you know many tourists visit Hollywood and need WiFi. There is potential for collaboration here, like airdropping NFT’s to users MetaBlox wallet as they complete location based verification protocols.

There are many projects and collaboration in the works and we can’t wait to rollout the MetaBlox network.

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒 : Cool we have lots of philphines in our community 😊 .. i hope it helps to those people to involved in $MBLX

Arman Alan : That’s awesome to hear!

Q5. Twitter Id – @themiracleboy0

MetaBlox indicates that it will operate over a fully decentralized high-speed wireless network. But, how do you reach remote areas where it’s hard to even get a signal? How do you manage to provide global access to MetaBlox?

MetaBlox aims to serve the gap that exists between Telcos and people. Currently, the costs for developing infrastructure to serve every single person is too high to justify for Telcos.

Telcos actually utilize Wi-Fi to serve their customers. This helps them save data bandwidth which frees up their cellular network.

MetaBlox will help not only those within our miners reach, but to those outside of it.

Offloading their data to MetaBlox miners will allow Telcos to free up a significantly greater portion of their bandwidth to people in remote areas.

MetaBlox is not the end-all solution to connectivity, however, being operated and owned by the people is an attractive economic incentive for not only the people, but Telcos.

This also serves the users of the MetaBlox network, because we could charge Telcos and businesses alike fees in $MBLX tokens for using our network which will go right into the users wallets.

Providing global access via MetaBlox is not our goal, however it is possible. We aim to ease the pressure of the demands of highly densely populated areas with high demand for bandwidth.

You will also be able to access MetaBlox globally, which means you will not be paying roaming fees. As long as there is a MetaBlox miner set up you will have free access to Wi-Fi.

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒 :Thank you for your detailed answers.. I hope our community understand with your explanation 😁

Telegram Live Segment

Q. MetaBlox’s “DID” model both intrigued and aroused my curiosity, what I want to ask is how users will have Free WiFi access? How can both parties earn $MBLX with Free WiFi?

The DID & VC model is what enables the MetaBlox Network to function.

Validators are people who set up MetaBlox miners and provide free WiFi access to Metablox users. In this case we will call validators miners, and users of the network as users.

Users access the Metablox network via miners. Miners will validate the users Decentralized-ID, and users will validate the miners. This includes validating the quality, location, and existence of the miner.

This validation process issues both users and miners an NFT as a result of validating and utilizing the network. These NFTs will always have an inherent intrinsic value they can be swapped for $MBLX tokens in our wallet.

NFTs have not been used in this manner and is personally very exciting because we are witnessing one of the very few use cases of NFTs being implemented.

Obviously your $MBLX tokens will be swappable to other crypto in the MetaBlox app.

Q. ♣️Other than being a DID-enabled network that helps you travel across multiple metaverses with secure and privacy-protected identities, what are the advantages of MetaBlox over the other alternatives in the Blockchain arena?

MetaBlox is built by the users, for the users. The team strongly and firmly believes in this as our core identity for the future. When you build a network or protocol that is for the people and rewards the people naturally people will come.

We offer free services to users and give their data back to them.

We place the users first, and naturally as the network grows and attracts more people simply due to the economic incentive, the network will grow. This will also result in the token value increasing simply because of the network effect, amongst several other use cases.

We place users and their privacy first and foremost. Every team discussion we have is about how we can increase value to the users. We believe this is the formula to create a successful network.

Q. KYC is an important part of accessing into the Banking ecosystem like your project. So, are you implementing a KYC system? How do I complete identity verification? What identities need to be prepared? And Are there countries and territories restricted?

Very true, KYC is becoming an increasingly important need and demand for exchanges and users alike. However, crypto users generally aren’t very happy to complete KYC verification because it undermines the entire vision Satoshi had for crypto. Which is a completely anonymous and decentralized blockchain banking system.

The power of crypto relies on people, once you establish KYC it changes the whole game.

We are currently in talks in charging exchanges for carrying out the KYC protocol of their customer acquisition process. This not only provides revenue for MetaBlox users and holders but allows users to retain their privacy and sensitive personal information while also verifying their identities in an anonymous manner.

Users will be able to verify they own different crypto assets in different blockchains without personally identifying themselves.

This is huge.

Q. How can i mine #MetaBlox coin ? Do i need to buy some expensive device to have this ability ( like the way HNT did ) ?

You may be able to mine $MBLX token via our miners. Yes, you will need specific hardware with MetaBlox firmware pre-installed.

However, I would stay tuned about our miners because there is big news coming about our miners and I think you guys will potentially be interested :p

Q. Can you share with us about your development roadmap?

Of course!

The team is working hard currently on our whitepaper and will be released ASAP.

Once our whitepaper is finished, we will apply to launch our IDO via a platform like Polkastarter.

We also have a huge announcement at NFT NYC in June of 2022 where will release a lot more details and information about MetaBlox.

Basically, expect the whitepaper and token launch soon.

Q.Hello sir, I am intersating #MetaBlox Can you explain how is MetaBlox Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How $MBLX tokens Will be locked by the team? Thanks sir.

There will be a hard cap of 1 Billion tokens, however, our models show that we shouldn’t hit this number as our token issuance will halve every four years.

We also implement burn mechanisms into $MBLX tokens.

All the tokens locked by the team have been purchased with our own money.

No $MBLX tokens were ever issued for free.

The team is working hard day in and day out, investing our time and energy and lives into MetaBlox because we believe in it.

ℤ𝕚_𝕪𝕒: Thank you for diving deeper into us MetaBlox ❤️

Arman Alan : Thank you to everyone who joined! Those were really good questions and I’d love to answer any more you guys have in the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years to come.

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