Date : 8 December 2021

Time : 2:00 PM UTC

Guest : BIG DAWG

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🌟 Mr. BIG DAWG shared us the Details about ‘ LIFE ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Introduction Segment

Host :Can you give an overview of LIFE as a whole? What’s the project about and what kind of underlying issues do you see within the crypto market, in general, to get into the segment? How do you intend to solve those issues?

Big Dawg: Yes LIFE is an innovative payment system and a new kind of money.

One of the things we’re looking at is the ability to make sending Crypto easier for everyone

So we will enable individuals to send crypto within the life app just by username

And they can send crypto fee free leveraging off chain capabilities.

We will also allow staking so that people have fantastic passive income. 39% APR

Host : May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

Big Dawg: Yes, Several.
We will announce our first one next week.

Host : So, How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

  • Big Dawg: EXTREMELY
  • The community of any project can make or break it.
  • We communicate with our community just about every hour of the day because they matter.
  • The minute a project is dismissive of its community is not a good thing.
  • You community supports you and basically helps spread social sentiment.
  • They don’t need to be part of your project if they don’t want to so it is appreciated never taken for granted.
  • Your community puts faith in a team to deliver and they expect it.
  • And we intend to deliver for our community and make this into one of the top projects.
  • That is the absolute goal.

Host : And lastly, Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results LIFE has achieved so far?

  • Big Dawg: Sure so when you look at our roadmap we promised exchanges during this year and we have completed most of them. We have our other exchanges pending that will release the announcements as soon as they’re ready.
  • We think the community will be very pleased by these.
  • We’ve also built one of the best and just as importantly most secure staking systems in crypto.
  • By integrating Fireblocks digital asset custody one of the best in the business.


Q1. $LIFE offers up to 39% staking opportunities for investors. Is there any other plan that attracts more long-term holders except this staking?

Big Dawg: Yes.

Are apps which will be soon fully operational for iOS and android well offer free free ERC 20 transfers within the apps.

Additionally during first quarter 2022 we will be rolling out debit cards for Visa and MasterCard. Which you can use Life crypto.

Also enabling people to send crypto just by user names within the app.

Q2. Being the TOP 100 by EOY is not easy, but $LIFE aims that. LIFE apps, staking, CEXs are coming out soon. Big Dawg is very confident about this huge goal. Is there anything he knows that we don’t know yet? Could you please share some to boost the community members’ confidence?

  • Big Dawg : Well it’s not that easy or we’d be there already.
  • However it is doable and achievable and we fully expect to get there sooner than later.
  • A project obviously raises up based on market cap. And market cap increases as we all know when you have massive liquidity and a mass amount of buyers.
  • You get those through developments, products and promotion.
  • As we roll out our finished products we intend to heavily heavily heavily market specifically to the crypto space.

Q3. You talk about p2e games, what kind of games are gonna be coming out, and are there games being made right now? Are you partnering with any of them?

Big Dawg:
So play to earn gaming obviously is becoming bigger and bigger.

And specifically during quarter one 2022 we have a game that we’re looking to roll out within the app.

Can’t go into all of that now but I think based on the current landscape and what we projected to be during the next year they should go over very well.

As far as partnering with someone for the gaming we have started pulling Menary discussions but that has not been settled yet. Way more interested in making sure the gaming is fully developed but the concept we have is very unique and that will be exciting to roll out.

It involves dogs and multiple dogs but that’s all I can say on that right now.

It will be unique and it will get a lot of attention that’s all I can say.

Q4. Security is important in the crypto world. ATM the $LIFE team is integrating “Fireblocks” into the wallet to address security issues. Are you planning to add other features? How secure is your wallet? When are you gonna release the app?

  • Big Dawg: Well Fireblocks integration IS our main security.
  • There are additional security measures we will have in place.
  • However the reason we went with them primarily is because they are known as one of the best in the industry.
  • We will always place paramount importance on our users digital assets.
  • The app is in testing now internally we expect to have it out soon.
  • I know people and community understandably in ANY project get tired of hearing the word soon.
  • But it’s paramount importance once again to have everything as close to perfect as possible before you release it.
  • Because remember once we release it we start a mass marketing campaign to get this out to all of crypto Twitter and to the general public.
  • There’s a lot of people in the world and there’s a lot of potential downloads out there.
  • You better have it right you better have an accurate and you better make it the best.
  • We have a legitimate chance to in my opinion be ultimately a top 25 project.
  • That will not happen easily it won’t happen without a lot of work.
  • And it’s not gonna happen in a week or a month.
  • But the absolute goal of this team without question is to be one of the top projects before this time next year.
  • I’d rather give a little bit more leeway because I know all of the things we’re building and rolling out especially in 2022.
  • But I would be shocked if we’re not in the top 25 in the next 12 months.
  • If I didn’t think we could be I would not be here personally.
  • I have zero doubt in our team and our additional team members that will be soon be joining based on some of the experience they have in the industry.

Q5. Life is an innovative payment network, making crypto payments easier. Nowadays, crypto and digital payments are much more utilized to pay for commodities. So in what type of payment can we use Life? Will it be for e-commerce or can we also use it in purchasing physical goods?

Big Dawg: Well I’ll say this:

If you could use Life to buy things at Amazon as example that would be a success.

For any crypto to have adoption right it needs to be able to be used in the real world.

That is our ultimate goal to where merchants have the Life app and they’re able to accept Life crypto.

It will be advantageous for the merchants because they won’t have the fees that the credit card companies charge them which are exorbitant. Especially if you’ve run a small business you know how much the card processors charge.

We can eliminate that.

So we are at our first step and making world world accessibility and purchases with Life starting next week.

Just to be clear the first of many but next week will be a huge step in that direction.

Just in Christmas


Q.To eliminate early token launch liquidity problem are you planing to do a cex listing ?

Big Dawg : Yes we’ve done 10 so far.

And we have several more on the way.

Q. Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?💥

Big Dawg : Yes we have two audits Certik on CMC and another one at the bottom of our website

Q.The success of a project depends on the following?


Which one do you think is most important?

Big Dawg : Community 💯

Because if the community is respected and sees results then investors and token price take care of themselves.

A community could buy into any of the 15,000 cryptos – they don’t need to show loyalty to anyone.

So a community member that supports the project through thick and thin deserves to be rewarded and see the project takeoff.

Those community members are the ones that we build for every day because they drive us.

The most blunt way I can say that.

Q. Has you smart contract been finally DEPLOYED AND AUDITED

Can we now consider this project safe and no RUGPULL later on. ?

Big Dawg : It’s been deployed it has two audits The whole team is doxxed there’s absolutely no chance of us going anywhere but up.

Q. Will staking re-open this year?

Big Dawg : Fantastic question.


Very very shortly.

Q. You mention that life will give users full custody of their assets, can you explain to us more about this point?

Big Dawg : Absolutely we will be expanding to several chains.

We have said before and we fully plan on cross chain interoperability.

This is key for mass adoption.

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto LIFE❤️

Chat thanks also for those great questions 🙂

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community?. @BigDawgCrypto:)

Big Dawg : Well I’d like to thank everyone for having us here today.

We launched 3 months ago this week.

In this space we all want to see results and we want to see them now.

However real world development takes time.

Sometimes you have setbacks such as the delay of the staking program based on our serious upgrades to security.

Ultimately though as an investor you always have to ask in any project:

Not just are my funds SAFU but is this team building long-term and laying a foundation for solid success.

LIFE is absolutely doing that and does not take anything lightly in any regard.

We have multiple things going on that have not been announced yet that when we do we feel very very good about how they will be received.

One thing the team has not done is really hype things up.


Once our products are out and we have things where we want them that becomes the fun part and frankly the easy part.

The products will sell themselves.

The project in general will be able to get attention very easily and that will be fantastic for the community.

We appreciate everyone along for the journey and we are well on our way.

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