Date : 14 JANUARY 2022

Time : 2:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Aravindh Sridhar (CEO)

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Guest :

✨Mr. Aravindh Sridhar – CEO of KIRANA shared us the Details about Kirana and their Unique Features ✨

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us, we have @kiranathegame !

Hello and welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! @kiranagame 🙂

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): Thanks, glad to be here 🙂

Host : Welcome! And it seems a busy day for Kirana?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): Totally

Host : That’s great to hear !!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

Host : So first, let’s get to know you and a bit about your project, can you tell us how you got into crypto and where the idea came from for Kirana?

  • Aravindh (Kirana Admin): So let me first introduce myself, my name is Aravindh and I’m based out of Chennai in South India. I dropped out of college when I was 19 and created a successful SaaS marketing company.
  • I’ve generated over 6 million us dollars in sales selling over 25 software products to businesses. I’ve also been trading assets since I was in high school. I came to learn of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an asset class which you can trade.
  • I purchased bitcoin when it was around $500, sold it for around $750 and thought I was a genius. Little did I know how big it was going to get.
  • While looking for problems to solve in the blockchain space, I found a gap in the play to earn crypto market. A high quality MMORPG game is yet to hit the play to earn crypto market.
  • Play to earn gaming has exploded with games like Axie infinity getting over 2 million users a day but its still early days. Its extremely popular among countries like the Philippines, Venezuela and Cuba but the other developing countries are yet to see mass adoption.
  • We wanted to enter this market at this time with a game that can have a viral effect and a huge growth potential while also being fun to play. Hence we decided to start Kirana.

Host : How about your core team members and their backgrounds?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin):
We have partnered up with ogre head studio, they are one of the best gaming studios based out of India. They’ve been making games for the past 8 years and have won multiple awards for their previously released game – Asura vengeance Edition.

Some of the awards are:

“Game Of The Year Award” – Nasscom Gaming Forum Awards 2017

“Game Of The Year (Indian)” – FICCI – BAF Awards 2018

“International Game Award” – BitSummit 2017 Japan

“Gamer’s Voice Award Nominee” – SXSW 2017

“Indie Game Award Nominee” – Taipei Game Show 2016

“Best Game Design Nominee” – Indie Prize 2016

“Best Game Hack” – Reliance Game Hack 2015

“Upcoming Game Of The Year Award” – Nasscom Gaming Forum Awards 2014

We plan to hire:

Concept Artist x 2
3D Artist x 4
Game Designer x 2
Producer x 1
Game Developer x 2
Network Engineer x 2
Music & SFX composer x 1
UI/UX Designer x 1
UI Artist x 1

Host : What are some of the major milestones you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin):
We’ve mapped out how the entire game will be structured, we’ve started with the game development and we have basic gameplay built out. They are very important because without having a clear idea on what it is that we want to create, it will be very easy to get distracted. We’ve got the tokenomics, whitepaper and the game design document ready, we’ve also raised funding from a couple of VC’s and this shows the vote of confidence for the project.

Host : Could you please tell us the strategy to attract new users, motivation and benefits for traders & investors to hold $KIR token for long-term? We’d love to hear more about the utility of the $KIR token.

Aravindh (Kirana Admin):

$KIR is the ingame token and currency that will be used for all sorts of transactions. This has to be purchased in order to buy NFT’s and start playing.

The use case of the $KIR token:

– Purchase of NFT to start playing
– Purchase of items/equipments/weapons to get advantage in game
– Purchase of skins for interpersonal interaction with the character
– Purchase of totems to get extra staking rewards
– Selling of NFT after leveling up for profit.
– Selling rare items for profit.

Our strategy is to use influencers and do rigorous marketing to attract new users to our game once launched.

Host : Kirana will have several unique features that will help to create a wide community in the game, can you briefly throw more light to these features and also tell us how these features differ from other similar projects?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): First of it’s a massive multiplayer online role playing game or an MMO, MMO’s are inherently community driven because many players play at the same time.

In the PVP (player vs player) and PVE (player vs environment) mode or with a battle pass, when 4-5 people come together to kill an enemy or create a team to fight with each other – it will increase the ingame engagement and foster relationships with different players within the community.

People can also develop relationships in the marketplace when they buy, sell, rent or trade characters, weapons, items and skins in the form of NFTs.

We have 5 different types of enemies in the game – Normal, Strong, Epic, Boss and World Boss.

Enemies like the Epic enemy and the Boss enemy will take multiple players to handle and defeat.

The World Boss will be an event. This event enemy will be released only once per week-month. The goal will be to deal as much damage as possible before time runs out, then the player will be automatically eliminated. The objective of this boss is to do as much damage as possible and in a very extreme case, eliminate it, which will give a very large reward to all participants, since it will be a very difficult task.

After the event ends, the players who dealt the most damage will be rewarded. This event will last 1 week (and there will be 1 week of “rest” in the case it is held weekly, or 3 in the case it is held monthly) and the player will only be able to participate 1 time a day (unless they buy tickets to participate up to a maximum of 3 a day).

Features like the world boss aren’t available in other NFT games as far as I’m aware of. That is what I’ve found after a lot of research.

Host : The current trend is obviously NFT gaming, particularly those with a play-to-earn system. Can you tell me more about Kirana Play-to-Earn mechanism?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): Combat will be an important element in the game, since through it, the player will level up, acquire rewards, complete missions, among other things.

There will be a limited amount of tokens to be won every single day when combat is done in PVE and PVP formats.
On top of combat, the only important element that could affect the gameplay will be the totems, which will passively increase the player’s earnings.

The earnings of the totems will be daily and will depend on the power of the totem. The totems can only be placed in the house to function and the player will have a limit of 5 totems to use. The player can exchange and sell them whenever he wants.

Finally, a system of energy totems could be created, which gives a small amount of some statistics to the player. They will work exactly the same as the token totems, only it will not increase passively, but will remain in the same power and the same statistics. After 6 hours the totem will turn off and the player will have to activate it again to have their statistics again.

The totems will give a reward every 1 hour. After 6 hours without the player collecting a reward, they will begin to give “losses” since they will not accumulate more. For the player to collect these rewards, he must travel to his land and touch all the totems he owns.

Host : The vast majority of blockchain games have poor graphics and playability, making for a frustrating gaming experience. What is Kirana’s approach to the problems?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): We are currently building our game on Unity. One of our previous games – Asura has already won multiple awards for great design and user experience. We are very much aware of the current problems that players face when they play blockchain games, we are very much concerned about the quality of the game – whether it be artwork, environment design, level design. We have an extremely talented team of people that we work with who make sure the design and the visual aspects are of the highest quality.

Host : And what about tokenomics… could you tell us a little bit more about that.

These are the 2 game tokens –

This is how our tokenomics looks like:

Host :  In the next five years, where do you envision Kirana?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): The blockchain gaming space is going to explode as a whole in the next 5 years. We’re going to see a lot of people from all over the world, especially developing countries, come into the play to earn ecosystem and start earning money while playing games and doing what they love. There are too many wasted hours and blockchain will change that. First we plan to target the Philippines, Venezuela and Cuba markets, but as play to earn gaming becomes bigger, we will be expanding to get a huge user base from other countries. We hope that people from MMORPG communities will flock to our community.We want to build a game with a huge player base like World of Warcraft or Dota 2. So we aim to be in the top 250 coins according to market cap.

Host : And lastly, Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up and offer the floor to the audience?

So we are in talks with IDO platforms like Gamefi and Enjinstarter. Gamefi and Enjinstarter are 2 of the biggest IDO platforms for gamers and we would be very privileged to work with them. just invested in us, they’re a big blockchain marketing company and are behind the marketing for companies like polkafoundry, sandbox and mantra dao.

Twitter Segment

Q1. Is kirana ecosystem based on a single token KIR ? Do you also have a secondary token which has unlimited supply and that can be earned inside the game ? If yes , what is the secondary token’s name ?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): We do have a secondary token called KRS which can be earned inside the game. It has unlimited supply.

Q2. Can you explain how is your Kirana
Project Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin):
Here is the tokenomics distribution sheet –

We will mint 100,000,000,000 tokens

Team will take 20% of the tokens

Q3. How can I do my research about your project? Do you have any whitepaper released and can you provide me all the social media links and blogs❓

Aravindh (Kirana Admin): – Link to whitepaper – Twitter – Discord – Telegram – Facebook – Medium

Q4. What social network does your community focus on, how do they know about your project? I want to join the community, where can I find it?

Aravindh (Kirana Admin):
We focus on telegram, discord and twitter – Twitter – Discord – Telegram

Find it here

Q5. COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively?

It will definitely affect us positively. More and more people are switching to gaming as an alternative source of income during the pandemic.

Live Segment

Q1. How many in team of developers do we have?

We have close to 12 people on the team

Q2. Kirana is built on top of the BSC network. Can you share with us why you decided to rely on this network? As far as I know many role-playing games choose Solana network Why doesn’t Kirana choose this network? In the future do you have plans for that?

Fast transactions, higher reliablity and high security

Q3. Will the lock of KIR tokens give us some benefits ?

Yes ofcourse, we allow staking of the tokens with a good APY

Q4.How many types of NFT are there in Kirana??

Characters, weapons, skins, totems etc.

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