Date : 20 November 2021

Time : 3:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. James

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🌟 Mr. James shared us the Details about ‘ Kepler452b ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : Hello and welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! Mr. James 🙂

Mr. James : Hi everyone, this is James from Kepler452b and I’m excited to share with you today on Crypto Talkz about Kepler452b!

Introduction Segment

Host: First, Can you briefly introduce Kepler452b ? and from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project?

Mr. James : Let’s answer them one by one. First of all Kepler452b is a metaverse with galactic elements as the main background, probably a bit similar to Cryptomines, but actually cryptomines were not available when we were working on this project either. We have now finished the initial build on BSC, it includes the core token, NFT and we are about to fill in an important part of this loop, the game, so you can look forward to that

Next question, well about the name, actually those of you who know astronomy must be more or less familiar with kepler452b, yes it is a planet outside of our solar system, a super planet with Earth and its similarities. That’s one of the reasons why we chose it as our name. We wanted to create an interesting metaverse that was as good for everyone to live and explore as Earth, but with a wider world for everyone. This is Kepler 452b

Host : Tell us, What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve through your project in future?

Mr. James : Maybe I should have said for the sake of making the world a better place, no? hahahaha. In all seriousness, I actually built keler452b with my friends first and foremost to build an all-encompassing metaverse of exploration, combat, guilds, even large organizations, etc., thus creating an alternate world that everyone could participate in and be interested in. Right now the project is still in the clusterfuck stage and the vision may not be better represented, but we’ll be announcing new content soon to flesh out the vision.

Host : Then, What strengths does Kepler452b have to compete with competitors?

Mr. James : This is a very real problem. Compared with other projects, the advantages of kepler452b are, first of all, its economic model is very efficient, reasonable distribution combined with effective deflation, become the cornerstone of 452b universe steam, and secondly, the superstructure of the project is also satisfactory, we invited many excellent artists to complete the design of NFT, this painting style is very good, right? Of course these are just appetizers, with more gameplay coming soon, until then we can leave the suspense to time.

Host : So, How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Mr. James : yes, This question is significant to me. Because the whole 452b itself was created by DAO members. So for us, the community members have been a critical part of what has spawned the project and driven it forward, and I’m very grateful to those who have come along the way.

What about collaboration? I think we’re having a really good collaboration right now, hahaha, so to thank the community and the Crypto Talkz community for their support, we’ve decided to open a second round of airdrops to show our appreciation to all our backers!

Host : And also, Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Kepler452b has achieved so far?

Mr. James : I think friends have probably understood that we will later launch a game to form the final part of the first section of the project. Friends can venture to guess where the game will go and how it will be played, feel free to interact with us. Also this is just a small task for us in the Q4 phase. Probably in 2020 q1 stage, the game will be officially opened test, friends can look forward to it!

At present, the project’s pre-preparation stage has basically achieved its goal, the pre-sale of tokens and NFT and subsequent sales are doing well, and there are quite a few institutions are talking with us, maybe we will announce these news soon.🚀🚀🚀

Twitter Segment

Q1. Twitter ID: @Pupa24

#Kepler452b is a fun metauniverse, aims to create a new & more intriguing world. So is 452b a community self-governance token? Is there any community or governance function here? If so & in the future, will $452b gain more voting power in different areas of platform development?

Very interesting question, $452b is the governance token for the Kepler452bVerse, it will have community governance and our KeplerDAO will use its governance rights wisely

Q2. Twitter ID: @Highpee07

User can start to mint your NFTs with a minimum of 0.15 $BNB. But this NFTs are still in the mystery form. When will users be able to open them and how will these mystery lootboxes be opened? What type of NFT will a user gets when these boxes are opened and how will they be used?

The NFT, which is currently in a mystery box, will be opened in a week. When the box is opened, users will receive a criminal NFT, which will be used for our first game character

By the way, we will soon release a video about our game, please look forward to

Q3. Twitter ID: @RatulAmin7

Bear market will not be easy for a new project to survive. We have seen so many projects failed to survive in the bear market, Have you thought about this? What are the plans on surviving on bear market?

Bear markets are very difficult and full of challenges and unknowns for any project, but equally, there are endless opportunities in bear markets. Our team members have been through many bear markets and are very experienced, so we will face them positively, do what we should do, and then welcome the coming of the bull market💎💎💎

Q4. Twitter ID: @himansh30880532

Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem ,Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?

Like the question answered earlier, $452b is our community governance token, which has an imaginative future and currently serves the purpose of exercising voting rights

Q5. Twitter ID: @kimterbear

I saw that Kepler452b is in collaboration with Mekaverse where owning a Meka NFT will let us be a Guardian in Kepler452b planet. What are the benefits of being a guardian? What accesses can the Guardians enjoy?

Mekas holders will be the first interstellar police officers of Kepler452bVerse to help us catch criminals, so they can mint our NFT for free, and of course, they will have more benefits, which we will tell you in the future

Telegram Live Q&A Segment

Q.💥What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you tell me 1-3 best features of your project that other projects don’t have to convince me and other investors to invest in your project for a long time?

Okay, let me tell you how we are different from other projects, first, we have the coolest NFTs created by the coolest artists, second, we have the first game of Kepler452bVerse coming out, which is different from traditional games in that your first metaverse identity is actually a criminal, which is very interesting, and third, we have a very large community support so far, including a very strong Chinese community, and very many exchanges are contacting us, like OKEx, Coin tiger, etc. etc.

Q.💥Many people want to learn about your project but
they have problem with English,?? so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good,? Do you have a Marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities such as Vietnam.? Indonesia, Korea, Iran,?? about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand Project,??

I also found this problem, but we are trying to solve it, and we are currently planning to recruit volunteers from various countries to help us, so that users in their countries can really understand Kepler452b and then really participate in it

Q.What is the Main FOCUS of your project???

b) Partnerships and Collaborations?
c) Security?
d) Products,?

C) Security

Q.It is a fact that the NFT trade world is a total success and to be able to apply it is through smart contracts, however, they are insect-prone, how efficient and safe your smart contract is? Have you ever been audited by external parties, so we are sure that this project is safe and good for the investors in short-long time?

Regarding security issues, we are already preparing to find some auditors to help us, and we believe that our audit report will be published soon

Q.Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

In fact, we are considering this issue, as there are currently very many arbitrage bots, and it is possible that we will add a burning mechanism to solve this problem in the future, again, the advantages of burning are obvious

Host : Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community? 🙂

Mr. James : Again, thank you very much, you are a great community!

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