Date : 22 December 2021

Time : 1:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Mark (CMO)

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🌟 Mr. Mark CMO of iFIGHTER INFINITY shared us details about and it’s unique Features 🌟

Introduction Segment

Q.Can you give a brief introduction to Yourself and iFighter Infinity ?

  • Mark: Hi, I am Mark, the CMO of iFighter Infinity. I have been in the crypto market for 3 years. I have extensive experience in the Crypto industry particularly in DeFi and gamefi.
  • Human exploration of interstellar space has never stopped since ancient times, and every planet will be threatened by uncontrollable space impacts, which will make it necessary for the surviving civilizations to sail in space. This is less about romance and more about biological instinct: access resources and survive.
  • IFighter Infinity is a meta-universe game built in the context of interstellar exploration, combined with the most advanced blockchain, real-time graphics, decentralized finance and other common technologies.
  • We’ve recreated the classic space shooter in 3D and introduced a blockchain reward system that allows players to fight endlessly for resources, territory conquest, and race fate.
  • IFighter Infinity offers a unique opportunity for financial, entertainment and real-world games, where the game’s data and valuable assets are owned by the users, allowing the players to have fun while earning generous returns.iFighter Infinity is an exciting and innovative project on the market that has made significant strides over a short period of time compared to its peers.
  • Our Twitter followers broke through 27K in a period of time, which is an important support for our later development. After getting into the crypto industry, I never looked back and my goal is to explore as much about this field as I can.
  • In iFighter Infinity all players’ gaming and social behaviors will be financialized. iFighter Infinity is a 3D Immersive space flight PlayToEarn game. It utilizes the new revelation brought by Defi, GameFi and SocialFi, making players’ behavior meaningful and valuable! iFighter Infinity’s goal is to build Web3 technology-oriented games based on blockchain technology, giving the players rights to the game’s data. Players around the world can work together to create a fun and prosperous crypto economy.

Q. Tell us, What is the economic model of iFighter Infinity ?

  • Mark: In iFighter Infinity, there will be several tokens in iFighter Infinity, iGAS, iRON, iGold, and IIS, all of which can be earned through the trading market and different in-game play.iGAS is the driving energy of the warships, and each mission will consume a certain amount of iGAS, and the amount of iGAS will depend on the mission.
  • iGAS can be replenished in various ways, such as defeating an enemy ship, completing a mission, daily mystery box, and random mystery events.iRON is a combination of parts to improve the performance of warships and equipment.
  • iRON is also available during the course of the battle, and after completion, you will be rewarded with a corresponding iRON. Depending on the technical parameters of the warships and equipment, the amount of iRON consumed for each performance upgrade will be different, and the amount consumed will also depend on the commander’s talent.
  • Different combinations of warships, equipment, and talents will have different amounts of rewards in different mission play, and a reasonable matching strategy is a key to getting rewards.iGold is a valuable resource obtained during battles and is required for upgrading ships, equipment synthesis, equipment upgrades, and talent upgrades.
  • iGold can be obtained during mission levels or you can try to buy it from the marketplace. If you have excess iGold, you can sell it in the marketplace and exchange it for the crypto assets you need. The rate of iGold production in the system is dynamically calculated based on the number of players per day, following the way described in Bonding Curve, when the number of players consuming iGold per day is small, the rate of iGold production will remain low, when the number of players consuming iGold per day is large, the rate of iGold production will When the amount of iGold consumed by the player in the game is large, the rate of iGold production will be accelerated and eventually will not exceed the set maximum production rate.
  • In this way, the system can automatically and dynamically adjust the amount of iGold in the game.IIS (iFighter Infinity Stakes) is the governance token of the iFighter Infinity. The members of iFighter Infinity have the final decision on the design of the gameplay and the right of ecosystem governance.
  • The members of iFighter Infinity can use IIS to acquire NFT assets in the marketplace or to provide liquidity in AMM to earn iGAS and iRON rewards. IIS can be minted by staking game assets in DeFi protocols.

Q. What is your future development plan?

  • Mark: iFight has launched game research and development in the fourth quarter of 2021. At present, it has launched its official website and social media for users to understand the project.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, iFight will open mystery box pre-sale, NFT trading market and release mobile game app. In the second quarter, it will update version 2.0, open new warships, new tasks and arenas, In the third quarter, team competition will be increased, new warships and equipment will be opened, new space exploration will be added, and the 3.0 version of the game will be released.
  • After that, new game content will be continuously developed around the game experience and ecological development.

Q.What is the role of your NFT?

Mark: NFT is a key digital asset in iFighter Infinity. NFT digital assets earned by players through various in-game play can be traded through the NFT Market.

There are several types of warships designed to satisfy the needs of interstellar exploration in the game, each focusing on different engineering parameters. The right combination of blueprints will make the battle more interesting and easy. The warships produced with different blueprints for different purposes will have different spaces for modification, and the final equipment available will be different, and the combat performance will be different when facing powerful enemies. A combination of equipments that brings good luck will bring more chances to collect blueprints and iRON during the battle.

Next Equipments:

Weapons are the primary means to destroy enemy ships, but you will also encounter rare props, which will give you special abilities. Weapons will be divided into various types of guns, torpedoes and missiles. You can use different combinations according to the actual battle scenario to defeat the enemy ship in the way of your preference.

Armours improve the survival chances of your warships and are the critical factor of play’s survival ability. Gear protects you from enemy ships. As your armour gear decreases, you take more and more damage. You can use props to restore armour gear during battle, thus improving your chances of survival. Survival is paramount to sustained combat.

Reaction Devices:
Reaction devices are AI-controlled flying machines with attack and protection capabilities and could also be obtained in the game. With additional AI help, it will increase your chance of victory and you will no longer be fighting alone.

Q. And lastly, What are the short-term and long-term benefits that can be brought to users?

Mark: In the short term, users can buy the mystery box to get the iFighter warship NFT, and then play to earn in the game to get the iFighter token. At the same time, iFighter will carry out various reward activities, and users can get more rewards by participating in the game or pledging tokens.

In the future, iFighter will create a meta universe based on the story background of iFighter. Users can participate in governance and determine the development direction of the game through governance tokens.

Twitter Segment

Q1. Twitter ID: @Highpee07

You plan to conduct the presale for your NFT mystery boxes this quarter. Can you tell us on which platform the mystery box presale will happen and the procedure for users to join? How many mystery boxes will be sold in total and at what price will each NFT box go for?

Mark: 1,000 warship blind boxes will be pre-sold on the official website at a price of 0.5 BNB.After the blind boxes are opened, there is a chance to get advanced fighters.We will release a purchase tutorial before pre-sale, please pay attention to our official Twitter or website.

Q2. Twitter ID: @jogamboa08

The iFighter Infinity is an immersive 3D interstellar themed space flight game built on blockchain, which will bring fun and profit to NFT players. What are the different ways for players to profit with iFighter Infinity?

Mark : In our economic model settings, we have set up four kinds of tokens to represent various materials or passes in the game. Users can win relevant rewards through customs clearance or PVP, such as iGAS or iron. Users can use these rewards to upgrade or trade warships. We will also open the market to trade warships and other materials, We believe that there must be a profit-making way to meet everyone in the model

Q3. Twitter ID: @Pedrolug14

In iFighter Infinity there will be four (4) tokens, iGAS, iRON, iGold and IIS, all of which can be obtained through the commercial market and different games in the game. What is the reason for incorporating 4 tokens instead of just one, is there any specific advantage?

For most games in the current market, it is generally a single token or double token model, so users are often monotonous when obtaining material rewards. The reason why we set four kinds of tokens is that we consider that most players often have many combinations of materials in the game when playing non-blockchain games, which increases more interest, We hope to meet the balance between revenue and playability. We also believe that it has been realized at present.

Q4. Twitter ID: @soyestefanya_

Example, In iFighter Infinity, will game players choose their own ship from the start? Will all the players be at the same starting point or will some have privileges? How can a player get more profit or reward?

The game can only be played after purchasing the warship NFT. The starting point for all users is the same, and the difficulty of the level will gradually increase. To obtain higher revenue, you need to pass higher levels, and at the same time, you must upgrade your warship. The rewards for daily activities of different types of warships are different.

Q5. Twitter ID: @Retropixel13

NFT games are becoming more and more common in our environment, but many of them are dying due to the lack of a profitable economic model. What has been the economic structure you have developed to make it a profitable game in the long term? How will you keep users incentivized?

As we said above, we do our best to maintain users while gaining revenue while adding more fun. In the future, we will also add more gameplay innovations to maintain the user experience in iFighter Infinity. We may also hold a lot of airdrop activities later to motivate our users, all of which require everyone to participate and discover in the process of accompanying us.

Telegram Live Segment

Q.How can we upgrade our warships in the game ?

Mark : In iFighter Infinity, you will acquire various mechanical parts kits (iRON) left behind by enemy ships through in-game battles. These mechanical parts are called iRONs, which can repair and improve the technical parameters of warships and equipment. Each powerful warship needs to be upgraded by different equipment combinations and technical parameters of equipment to achieve. Each upgrade will consume a certain amount of iRON and iGold, and the higher the level of equipment upgrade, the higher the cost and the higher the benefit.

Q. iFighter that the Commander Loots Airdrop program started. What is the Commander Loots Airdrop? What features does this Airdrop have? Who can access it?

Mark : Our airdrop plan is currently being implemented, you can visit our Twitter to view the details of the airdrop plan

Q. Can I play iFighter Infinity game without investing anything and to earn ?

Mark:I think this is not feasible. Players need to buy warships to enter the game at the beginning. It is obviously unreasonable if they are free to play and can obtain revenue. In this way, we can almost be sure that the stable operation of the token model cannot be maintained. Through a variety of methods, including warships, tokens, and gameplay, etc., all for the stable operation of our token model

We also welcome everyone to participate in our blind box project in the future and get the first warship

Q. Could you give me 3 best features to convince me and other investors invest in your project in long-term?❤❤❤

Mark : Unlike most games on the market, iFigher Infinity does not adopt a single-token or dual-token model. We innovatively adopt a four-token model to meet the requirements of our game design. This will make Our games more playable and rich in financial aspects. This is believed to be very helpful for us to attract players to enter.

Q.what are the development plan for community?

Mark: We have the whole community development plan

1. Recruit the first batch through a series of community activities, such as airdrop, meme expression pack competition, driver’s license activity, dubbing activity, ticket activity, painting creation competition, limited NFT avatar activity and more

2. At the same time, iFighter will recruit project ambassadors around the world, focusing on establishing game communities in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, etc
3. Collaborate with Gamefi KOL to expand the popularity of the project

4. Select high-quality users for testing, and release demo videos to attract users

Host :Thanks for diving us deeper unto iFighter Infinity. Chat thanks also for those great questions. Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community?. @mark00235 🙂

Mark: We now have the airdrop for everyone, welcome to join

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