On 7th of July 2022 at 4:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with XTRA FUND

🌟Mr. Peng Ego – CEO of XTRA.FUND shared us the Details about ‘ XTRA FUND ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host: 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Hello @dglowicki. It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Dominik Głowicki: Thank you. Nice to meet you all! 😊

Host: We are glad to meet you too!

So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Shall we go? 🚀

Dominik Głowicki: Yep. 🙂

Introduction Segment

Could you please introduce yourself to our community? also team behind XTRA.FUND and how your experience has led you here?

Dominik Głowicki: Sure no problem. 🙂

My name is Dominik Glowicki and I am a CMO of XTRA.FUND project.

I have been present in the crypto market since 2016 as an enthusiast and later as member, but currently contributing to in my opinion one of the most revolutionary projects in the world of finance (not only decentralized) – XTRA.FUND.

My role is to design and implement a marketing strategy for XTRA.FUND in order to dominate the market. 😁I love ❤️ helping companies to develop and conquer the market, especially in the WEB 3.0 market. 🚀

Our core team consists of crypto veterans, financial experts, smart contract wizards, top designers, and marketing geniuses all united by the cause, like a team of superheroes. 😃 Our network of advisors is also fairly impressive – from crypto degens to true financial moguls. 😉

Can you please briefly explain about XTRA FUND? And What makes XTRA FUND different to others with the same concept in the space?

Dominik Głowicki:
Sure, It is easy but quite complex. So bear with me. 🙂

XTRA.FUND is the world’s first DeFi project with high yield stake and a price drop protection feature.

When a user stakes XTRA.FUND Tokens on the XTRA.FUND Platform can earn 14%-45% APY, and at the same time, they receive protection against the drop in token price of up to 90%.

The level of protection (50%-90%) is dependent on the stake length the user chooses and the dollar value of the initial stake.

It all is possible thanks to the XTRA PROTECTION, which is managed by a highly secure self-governing smart contract and consists of an automated algorithm designed to survive any market conditions 🌞🌩🌪🌈❄.

In case the token price decreases ($ value), it releases tokens to cover the loss. When token price increases, XTRA PROTECTION replenishes. Magic!😃

Host : Wow that’s magnificent! I love the mechanism! ❤️

Dominik Głowicki:
What makes our project different is that our smart contract is basing all of the calculations on the US Dollar value of the initial investment, not the number of tokens staked. So all our APY and ROI are based on the dollar value of tokens you stake. ❗❗❗

Of course, there are terms and conditions that apply and it is all on our website:

Thank you for your patience. 🙂

What is your marketing strategy to increase the validity of your project brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project?

Dominik Głowicki:
Our marketing aims not only to reach people who invest in crypto but also for those who keep their finger on the trigger of investing in crypto but did not pull it yet.

With us, they have the opportunity to experience something unavailable anywhere, much less in traditional finance – algorithmic protection of the initial investment up to a certain level of the price drop. We’ve already seen that it can help take that hard step, and pull the trigger.

About partnerships… at this point, we can only talk about the types of partnerships that are on the horizon, without giving specific names (companies and individuals). 🤫

They are:

– Family offices
– Investment funds
– Pension funds
– Influential people from the world of traditional finance and DeFi

You have no choice, you have to stay tuned. 😜

Can you share the achievements the team have made so far ? What are the major achievement target XTRA FUND is yet to achieve. If possible also share your roadmap.

Dominik Głowicki: One of our main achievements is that we have a proven working product that delivers precisely what it promises. It seems strange for many people outside the crypto industry to cite this as something exceptional. 😇

However, those interested in new crypto/defi projects know they often reach out for investors’ money during the idea phase. 🛑

We decided to take the exact opposite route. We self-funded the creation of the project and the final product, which we carried successfully through the proof-of-concept phase. We left it few weeks ago. 😃

Success in the current market conditions is keeping the token price reasonably stable. But we only warming up. 🔥

Host : Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Xtra Fund ❤️

Twitter Segment

Q1. One term that piqued my interest is the “XTRA Loan Fund” (XLF)
Can you tell me more about this XLF? Does it differ from the traditional way of obtaining loans?
How does XTRA Lending Fund (XLF) work and who can utilize it, then?
Are there any criteria to be met to use the XLF?

Dominik Głowicki: XTRA Lending Fund is a kind of 🌉 bridge between traditional B2B lending businesses, and investors (DeFi). It is also a source of APY for stakers.

XTRA Lending Fund (XLF) specializes in loans to micro and small businesses (B2B). Financing is offered for a period of 12 months.


Transactions are secured by “blank” notes from borrowers and other guarantees. The XLF business model is based on modern technologies, the best credit information providers, and proprietary risk assessment models.

So as you can see this is a pretty good base for building a staking-based project. 😃

Q2. Can you talk about XTRA CLUB? Is this the community base of #XTRAFUND? How to join XTRA CLUB? What are the conditions, and can you mention what benefits XTRA CLUB members will get?

Dominik Głowicki:
Sure, it’s my favorite subject. Our community!!! ❤️

XTRA CLUB is the name of our unique community. Its uniqueness is based on shared values and goals, but let’s not hide, also the benefits of being in this club.

Its greatest asset is XTRA PROTECTION, which benefits all XTRA CLUB members in times of falling token prices. Also the community collectively supports XTRA PROTECTION in times of rising token prices.

Another benefit is exclusive access to XTRA Launchpad, which we will probably talk about later today. 😊

Host : Host:
I think we all need this kind of protection in today’s market situation 😍

Dominik Głowicki: We laugh that no one would want to talk about downside protection if Bitcoin cost $70k. 😜

Q3. According to the numbers shown on their website, only 1,942 users are holders of their token, but really, why so few? Could it be that your fall protection services are not yet operational? Or is it that they have not yet gained trust?

Dominik Głowicki:
The relatively modest number of holders is that we have been in the proof-of-concept phase since November/December last year. Now it’s time for maximum development and growth. 🚀🚀🚀

Of course, the market is not helping us with this. But remember that the best projects come from hard times. Now is our time, and now we will show a new standard for marketing of DeFi projects. 🥹

Q4. XTRA LAUNCHPAD is an upcoming feature in XTRA FUND that takes the concept further. You said Every project tokenized by XTRA Launchpad will have “Proprietary Protection” features implemented into it. What is that protection? Will you offer discounts to get involed?

Dominik Głowicki:
When you stake XTRA.FUND Tokens, you benefit from day one in other ways as well.

As I mentioned before, you gain access to an exclusive XTRA Launchpad that enables profitable prescreened businesses to get started in an efficient and community-driven way.

That is true, that every project tokenized by XTRA Launchpad will have proprietary Protection features implemented into it. These features are designed to protect your participation.

We are focusing on only launching top-tier deeply screened projects into the space, providing the opportunity to get involved very early in projects that we believe will have strong potential.

As an XTRA CLUB member, you have the opportunity to invest in these projects at the earliest stages of development at a sizable discount.

Q5. What are the steps to become part of #xtra_fund community, and start earning? Where can we buy, where can we register ?

Dominik Głowicki: It is a very easy process. 😊

First, you have to create an account on Metamask and connect it with the PancakeSwap Exchange where you can buy XTRA.FUND Tokens.

Then you go into the XTRA Staking App and connect your Metamask.

Choose the number of tokens you want to stake and the staking period.

Sit back, relax and enjoy, and follow us on our Social Media. 🙂

Host : As easy as that! 😎 That’s very nice!

Great thanks and that’s for our twitter question segment 🙂

I guess Chat is excited to know more about Xtra Fund ❤️

Dominik Głowicki: Awesome !

Host : Now let’s head to the most exciting segment of all — Live Segment. @dglowicki 🙂

Dominik Głowicki: I will try my best to answer as much questions as possible. 🙂

Telegram Live Segment

In the time of the Russia and the Ukraine war is the token of the $XTRA.FUND goes down or affected by this war also ?
And if in future if the your token price will fall so, what do you do for your token holders?

War affects everyone and everything, of course. On the other hand, we always assume that it is worthwhile to deal with the issues we have influence over.

As for what we do for holders, our project has a simple deal. You want to have protection and additionally earn APY – stake. If not, then hold and take all the profit or all the risk.

As for Stakers, we protect them with XTRA PROTECTION.

You say that XTRA.FUND offers rewarding benefits to its users, regardless of market conditions, does that mean that we can enjoy your services when there are market drops only? or even in the increases can I benefit?

Quite the opposite.You make money during the price increase period and it’s a very attractive ROI. And in addition, you are protected up to a certain level during the price drop. With us you can have benefits practically always.

Will there be any Penalty if I Want to Terminate my stakings?
On what basis it will be calculated?
Please tell?

There is a penalty provided for liquidating a position before the end of the stake period. It is quite brutal. But it has to be that way. Remember we are a project for grow ups. 😉

The penalty will be calculated automatically by smart contract and will take into account 3 factors:

– dollar value of your initial stake
– period you were originally going to stake for
– period you actually staked for


A user made a stake of 1000 XTRA.FUND Tokens ($1 per token) for 10 days and after 8 days they decided to liquidate the positions. They will get 80% the dollar value of their initial stake (so around $800 in value, which is maximum 800 XTRA.FUND Tokens).

Among the innovative features of Xtra Fund is its XTRA Protection, can you tell us more about how this protection system works? How safe is it? Has it been tested? What are its benefits? Is it free or does it have a cost?

Agree there are many methods of protection in the traditional financial markets, but they have one major drawback – human beings. No matter how brutal it sounds, but human is the weakest link in any system.

If I have to choose between trusting a human (or a group of people) and trusting math, logic and an algorithm based on that. The answer seems obvious. 🙂

Host: So I guess that’s 5!

Thanks for diving us deeper unto Xtra Fund. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for wrapping up, any other things you want to share with the community?

Dominik Głowicki:
Yes, three things.

We are working all the time on better way of communicating the project, so don’t be surprised that the site will change, and maybe significantly.

The second. We are publishing our platform for our community in the next few days. Stay tuned, and you won’t regret it. This will be where much more benefit will come to our members. Therefore, don’t wait and become a member of XTRA CLUB.

The third is that XTRA Launchpad is not in the planning stage. He is already in operation and is currently leading the development of projects. A lot is happening behind the scenes, so you have to be patient. And you certainly won’t regret it. 🙂

That’s it. Thank you all so much. 🙂

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