Date : 27 October 2021

Time : 9:00AM UTC

Guest :Mr. Rocky (Founding Partner) & Mr. John (Business Dev)

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🌟 Mr. Rocky (Founding Partner)
Mr. John (Business Dev) shared us the Details about ‘ Digination ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us, we have DigiNation, a Web3 Metaverse featuring NFT-based innovation.

Hello and welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! Mr. Rocky (Founding Partner)
Mr. John (Business Dev)

Hi, and hello Crypto Talkz Community. Great to be here today

Hello We are excited to be here. Hello Everyone

Host : Great to have you both! ❤️

So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Kindly please type “DONE” after your answer to avoid being interrupted 🙂

Rocky-DigiNation: Sure. let’s get it started

Introduction Segment

Host :Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as DigiNation ? and from where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project?

John_Digi : Alright. So as what Princess told earlier, DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse featuring NFT-based innovation.

Our team has been working on building metaverse projects since 2017. The engine used in Digination took even longer, rooted back in our earlier Unity virtual world projects.

Digination is inspired by the macro concept of “blockchain identity”, one of the core ideas of Web3. We hope to make a difference here by relating everything in Digination to a Web3 profile, and most via NFTs.

And before I forget to introduce my name. I am John and I am the business dev representative of digination. And here with me today is Rocky @rocky_dgn one of our chief talking officer. 🙂

Host : Tell us, What is your mission and vision to build this project? What you want to achieve through your project in future?

John_Digi: Digination is a metaverse (aka virtual world) project. Players can create and customize their Avatar, and socialize in the game – as if it’s GTA, or Roblox, or 2nd Life.

2. Technologically, each player will be an NFT. We have a design that allows NFT to have variables, so that represents the change and growth, assets of a player are stored in the NFT. So NFT is Identity in Digination.

3. We also seek to collaborate with all other NFTs projects – that’s the purpose of our mini-twitter campaign now – we bring other NFTs, like cryptopunks, to live action and socialize with other players in Digination.

Host : So, What strengths does DigiNation have to compete with competitors?

John_Digi: Well, first of all.

1) Use NFT as your identity in the metaverse

2) This NFT is dynamic, it improves with your actions in the metaverse

3) We focus on delivering the product – beta is ready now and you will see the official game by mid Nov.

4) Most of NFT today claim perceived value, e.g. the art and collectible value of them. We try to make a change. In digination, our NFTs can grow – as they have variable paremeters. E.g. the most active you are in the metaverse, the more advanced your NFT will be, and its appearance will change as well (like leveling up). So the value of the NFT is tied to the activities and contribution of one player in the metaverse.

Host : And How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

John_Digi: For that question, As a web-3 based Metaverse, building the right community is extremely important for DigiNation. Only with the community gathered in the Metaverse, DigiNation can become a vibrant virtual world.

We welcome collaboration with different communities to build the Metaverse. For example, we can build a Crypto Talkz club house in DigiNation.

In the future, AMA can be hosted in the club house. It is important to have creative content in the metaverse, so we will have incentive for creators in DigiNation. We call it “Create to Earn”.

Majority of the token will be reserved for game play or ecosystem development.

And eventually, DigiNation will be managed through DAO. The residents of Metaverse will decide the development of DigiNation.

Host : And also Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results DigiNation has achieved so far?

John_Digi: Here’s the recent development and our timetable for the rest of Oct and for Nov:

1) Last week of Oct: Launch of NFTLive (, aka DigiWizard) – the 3D model visualisation platform, where users with NFTs in their wallets could see the 3D versions of their NFTs. We will start with 10,000 cryptopunks on 25 Oct, and then adding other projects gradually, such as Pudgy Penguines, etc.

2) Mid Nov: Launch of DigiAvatar ( – the Avatar NFT public mint event. DigiAvatar will be login NFT to Digination metaverse, and stores Avatar info in the NFT’s metadata. It’s probably the first NFT with variable metadata (and therefore in the game, a variable Avatar).

So I’ll just repeat, In digination, our NFTs can grow – as they have variable paremeters. E.g. the most active you are in the metaverse, the more advanced your NFT will be, and its appearance will change as well (like leveling up). So the value of the NFT is tied to the activities and contribution of one player in the metaverse.

3) End Nov: Launch of the DigiNation game, with the first campaign being CryptoSurvivor, a Squid Game-like contest, by invitation only and targeting cryptopunk holders. We will be broadcasting this like an esport event.

4) During Oct and Nov, we have launched social media and will be regularly promoting them to expand our community base.

Done. I hope you all are excited about Digination the same way as I am! 😊

Twitter Segment

Q1. Twitter ID: @Pupa24

#DigiNation is a 3D virtual world, in which each player is represented by a “DigiAvatar”. So can you explain with us 1st what #DigiAvatar is? Can you also mention the other characters available here who form the DigiNation Metaverse? And are they all tradable?

Rocky-DigiNation: This is a great question. Like humans in our real world, DigiAvatars are the humans of DigiNation. These are the creators and owners of DigiNations.

Being an ERC721 NFT, DigiAvatar is a player’s identity in the metaverse and is required to enter the metaverse. Further, DigiAvatar has properties that define a player’s appearance and abilities in the metaverse. DigiAvatar is also the first NFT that you can grow with.

As shared eariler, DigiAvatar has some dynamic parameters like Experience, Level, Contribution, Fame, and etc, which will grow as a player gets more achievements in the metaverse. All your important memories are linked with DigiAvatar in your wallet.

Other NFT characters will be available in DigiNation. We will collaborate with notable NFT projects to bring the NFT live into the Metaverse. Coming up in Nov, we will have CryptoSurvivor, where 3D Crypto Punks will be live in the virtual world and play a survivor game contest. All the NFT characters will be tradable.

Q2. Twitter ID: @Carl_crip

Assets in the virtual world can be stored in users digital wallet as NFT. It can be freely traded on DigiMarket built-in or on third-party platforms such as Opensea. But how strict will they be for multiple account ownership? Can two players inhabit the same home or the same NFT?

Rocky-DigiNation: As web-3 based metaverse, players can enter the game with any metamask account. As long as the player does not violate governing rules in the metaverse, we don’t have restriction on the player’s access to the virtual world.

It is possible to have two players use the same NFT in the metaverse. However there is only one ownership of the NFT. The usage can be licensed to different players with a fee or for free.

Q3. Twitter ID: @imwiiw27

DigiNation NFTs can be combined with any element in your metaverse; but, what about 3rd Party NFTs? Do you have a procedure or process in place to ensure that 3rd Party NFTs may be used with your metaverse?

Rocky-DigiNation: As John has shared earlier, we launched NFTLive. Which is an initiative to incorporate 3rd Party NFT in DigiNation.

Most 3rd party NFTs are in 2D format, we need to create 3D models to get these NFTs live in the metaverse. We launched NFTlive (, aka DigiWizard) to generate 3D vitrualisation models.

There are some standards that need to be followed to make 3D models compatible with the virtual world. We will start working with some NFT project teams to bring their NFT into DigiNation.

Of course, we will share the 3D model and visual standards, so that NFT project team or owner can create their own 3D NFT that can be used in DigiNation.

As the development team of the metaverse, we focus on providing the platform that enables our users to unleash their creativity, and put their creative work in the NFT form.

Host :Yes. DigiNation is a NFT based metaverse. We want to empower NFT projects.

Rocky-DigiNation: Yes. DigiNation is a NFT based metaverse. We want to empower NFT projects.

Q4. Twitter ID: @jogamboa08

Even though they can only operate a market like Opensea without a token, I think DigiNation is a bit more than that. Do you expect to operate in more markets? What goals do you expect to achieve with DigiNation?

Thanks for the great question. We do envision to have more functions in DigiNation marketplace. When we were planning the DigiNation project, we wanted to solve a problem that many great artworks are wasted.

Traditionally in game industry, if the game is not published successfully, no matter how good the drawing or music is, the artworks created will be of no value or very minimum value.

With NFT incorporated in DigiNation, player can focus on what he/she is good at. The artwork created could be licensed to be used by another player.

If someone creates a mini-game or interactive scenery with the licensed NFT that generates income, the ones who contributed by licensing the NFT could receive a portion of the revenue.

With this mechanism, good artwork can be utilised. Game developers with great ideas but limited resources can utilise artwork available to create a game easily.

With that, people get rewarded for their creativity and focus on what they are good at.

Q5. Twitter ID: @antonio50221026

One interesting thing about Digination is that it is not looking to be an NFT manufacturer but a platform that allows other NFTs to live within the metaverse so could you tell me about their interoperability between chains? Do they support smart chains NFTs like ETH, BSC or SOL?

Rocky-DigiNation: This is a simple one.

We have developed technical solutions to bridge NFTs on different chains. Right now we can support NFTs on any EVM base chains, such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, and etc.

We will also work on other chains in the future if it is required.

Telegram Live Segment

Kemas Rhawansyah: Game Digination will be made an application or web? It’s very interesting to hear that NFT can develop by leveling up in the game.
is there a test game that we can try before launching? if so can you share it here for us to try it.

Rocky-DigiNation: Initially, DigiNation will be available with an application with web3 login. It will be available on web later. The game will be showcased end of Nov when we host the CryptoSurvivor game with punk holders attending the event. You will have a feel of the game then.

Jose Gamboa: 🙃Most NFTs are static. The NFTs in Digination ARE EVOLVING. It grows as the player grows. what does the evolution of DigiNation’s NFTs depend on? What are the innovative features of DigiNation’s NFTs?

Rocky-DigiNation: When a NFT is static, you can’t really use it as the avatar of a game as it can’t reflect the changing attributes like levels or fames. Only with dynamic NFTs, the NFT carries all the important in game attributes of your avatar. This enables meaningful transaction of DigiAvatar (similar to your traditional game account). So the evolution of DigiAvatar depends on your in-game activities.

Waluyo Benjo: Is 𝗗𝗜𝗚𝗜 𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 only available for computer devices?
do you also plan to release on mobile devices such as android or ios?

John_Digi : Mobile version will be developed next year, subject to web3 developments on mobile application, and graphic card restriction for mobile devices. Web3 log-in on mobile is not mature yet, so we are also watching out closely mobile web3 developments. .

Meses Limbong: Creating or developing a project certainly requires large funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have sufficient funds for its development. And can you tell us how your project is profitable? And also for investors?

Rocky-DigiNation : We funded the initial development ourselves. We are closing the first round of funding with some well-known investors. Stay tuned, we will announce the fund raising soon. As the player community grow, DiGi, the utility token in DigiNation will gain value naturally, because of the increasing use case. For virtual world game, we can easily get income by collaboration with brand who want to show case their product or service in the virtual world.

J Mags: I was surprised to discover that DigiNation do not have its Telegram community group unlike other project. Why does DigiNation don’t have a TG group? Can you provide us any of your social community platform so that we can be updated on your news and developments?

Rocky-DigiNation: We think discord server is a better way for us to manage the community. It is common for games or NFT projects. There are more interactive functions on discord server. Do check out our discord server. You can get our updates on Twitter or discord

Thanks all for the great questions posted.

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto DigiNation!❤️

Chat thanks also for those great questions 🙂

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community? @rocky_dgn @john_digination 🙂

It’s really a pleasure to have the AMA here with the community! I can feel the passion in DigiNation from the community. Please follow our social media and join discord server to stay tuned.

To be updated, don’t forget to follow us on our discord channel ,and twitter account @Digi_metaverse for announcements and collaboration. Thank you CryptoTalkz members for your enthusiasm. See you all in Digination!

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