On 30th of March 2022 at 1:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with Crypto Metropolis

🌟Mr. Mike Gusso – CMO of Crypto Metropolis shared us the Details about ‘ Crypto Metropolis ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us we have @CTMetro_Admin from @cryptometropolisofficial !

Hello @CTMetro_Admin ..It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Mike Gusso : Hello everyone!
Its a pleasure to be here!!

Host : Welcome sir! How is your day been going so far?

Mike Gusso : Excellent, thank you for asking!! Looking forward to our AMA session

Introduction Segment

Q. First, please introduce Yourself and Your Team.

Mike Gusso: Absolutely.

My name is Mike Gusso, and I am the CMO here at Crypto Metropolis. We are a very capable and a very closely knit team scattered all over the globe, with our head offices based in Vietnam.

We have an in-house design team with artist and animators

And we have been working together for about 3 years now. We have a strong advisory board to help guide us through this.

Q. Please describe your project, Crypto Metropolis.

Mike Gusso: To start off, let me mention that this project is very close to our hearts, and the team has been working extra hard to bring this to the world.

CTM is the first of its kind project, labelled GameFi 2.0, where PLAY TO EARN has become PLAY AND EARN.

CTM focuses on actual gameplay while allowing users to earn crypto [CTM is the first REAL MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) on blockchain].

The project features:
1. A system of missions (quests) with tantalizing storylines, and NFTs with real worth;
2. A state-of-the-art, easy to use in-game Battle System;
3. Property Ownership And Exchange System;
4. Guild System Of Fighting (Combining efforts to kill bosses) and Character Occupations (Employer – Employee relationship;
5. PVP System, Create A Party

As mentioned previously, players can immerse themselves in this virtual world and earn REAL money through completing their tasks well. Not only can players do tasks by themselves, they can also EMPLOY others to complete the tasks for them in exchange for digital assets (Currencies, NFT Land, NFT Characters, etc.), thereby creating a Employer / Employee ecosystem within the game, allowing for more earning opportunities for those who otherwise would be unable to buy their way into the game.

More detailed information is available on our white paper:

Q. Please, describe NFTs: Character And Land, NFT Sale.

Mike Gusso: Crypto Metropolis will be doing 2 types of NFT sales:
1. Character NFT and;
2. Land NFTs.

The game features 5 main characters, and there will be 1500 NFTs per character for a total of 7,500 Character NFTs.
Character NFTs will be sold on 4 different blockchains (ETH, BSC, SOL, POLYGON). Currently, the approximate time for the sale of these NFTs is within the next 30 days (updates will be provided on our social networks, so please stay tuned!)

Land NFTs will be allocated after the Character NFTs have been sold to the general public.

And, as a special gift for the Crypto Talkz community, we have a sneak peek at our upcoming NFTs!!!

This is the FIRST TIME we are showing our NFTs ANYWHERE!! 😎💯 I would like to share them now :

Here is our LAND NFT: Agricultural Zone, where users can grow special ‘Crypto Trees’, and harvest important materials required in the game for progression.
This is the COMMERCIAL ZONE, where users create their own shops and sell merchandise generated in the game.

Now, let me share our Character NFTs:

This is Vanessa The Vigilante

As mentioned, there will be 1500 variations per character, and this is 1 of them.
This is Ronin The Avenger

1500 different variations, ALL variations can be used IN THE GAME.

Q. Please, describe NFT and Token Bridge Technology.

Mike Gusso: This is what separates us from EVERY other game on the market right now.

Crypto Metropolis will provide users with the unique ability to MOVE assets from one blockchain to another, and will do it in the following ways:

1. Token Chain Bridge:
To ensure that players are NOT limited to one chain like previous projects, we will provide liquidity on 4 blockchains (ETH, BNB, SOL, and POLYGON). Users can use the Token Chain Bridge provided on our website to convert the Chain for the Token they own.

2. NFT Bridge: We will provide users with a bridge to transfer the chain of your NFTs (ONLY Crypto Metropolis NFTs). After initial mint on home chain, you can trade your Character NFTs on any of the 4 designated chains (ETH, BNB, SOL, and POLYGON).

Q. Can you tell us about Dual Token Economy.

Mike Gusso: Yes absolutely

For CTM, after over 6 months of research, the team decided to implement a Dual-Token Economy to ensure a high quality experience for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

The combination and complementary nature these two tokens helps the issuer control the inflation of the whole economy of Crypto Metropolis. Instead of putting all the inflation burden on the 2 tokens, we decided to use the latest Play & Earn mechanism to help balance and share the inflation in both tokens.
In the development process, the team will also pay attention to income sources from advertising, broadcasting programs related to GAME and E-sports to bring income and share with the community. Here is a chart of the relationship between $CTM & $CTE.

Q. Please tell us about CTM Tokenomics.

We capped the supply for CTM at 500,000,000
CTE will have an unlimited supply

Further information is available on our white paper, under the ‘Tokenomics’ section :

Q. How about Token Utility?

Mike Gusso: The meat of the conversation 😃😃😃

The token will be used in the following ways:


**Users can earn $CTM from the ecosystem in the following ways:

i. Staking:
To encourage holding the $CTM token (the token that creates value for the whole Crypto Metropolis ecosystem) we have allocated 10% of the total supply (50M $CTM) to be added for staking in the platforms affiliated with Crypto Metropolis.

ii. Airdrops:
There will be airdrops for active holders and gamers in the Crypto Metropolis community. These airdrops will help expand the ecosystem and thereby increase the number of users for the game.

iii. Dao Voting:
Users that are staking $CTM will have the right to participate in deciding the development of the game. Through this vote they will receive their rewards according to the token ratio that they stake.

**There are two main ways that players can earn $CTM while playing the game:

i. Strategize To Earn:
This is a section dedicated to players who create strategies to complete different tasks in the game. For example, when you own NFT Land in Crypto Metropolis and your task is to complete fruit production in a certain amount of time, you can plan and upgrade your land properly, and with a suitable hiring policy, you will complete the task and earn $CTM. There are many types of missions that require players to have team collaboration, interaction with other players in the ecosystem is key to completing these tasks.

ii. Assimilate To Earn (also known as ‘skill to earn’):
A very special feature in Crypto Metropolis’ PVP or guild war (team vs team) game mode is that players have to make the most of their hero’s strengths. A hero with a lower level and strength does not necessarily lose to a hero with a higher level. A team with harmonious support interaction between heroes will have a higher chance of winning than a team consisting of all heroes of the same type.


i. In-game fees:
When performing in game activities such as trading, exchanging or casting new weapons, users need to pay a fee to the game publisher. These fees are collected and later used to prevent game inflation.

ii. Buy NFTs:
$CTM is used to exchange for NFTs on the Crypto Metropolis Market.
Update different features on LAND: As introduced in the NFT Land section, each player’s land plot will have different Features such as Garden, Shop, Forge and warehouse. To be able to use these features, users must spend $CTM to upgrade them. Of course, what to upgrade and how much to upgrade depends on each person’s playing strategy.

Q. Now tell us about your Roadmap?

Let me share an image that will show the community our project roadmap:

Q. Now, we would like to know about Character Origins.

Mike Gusso: We have 5 main characters in the game, and each character has their own individual story.

Each character story ties into the Game Story, and each character has their own skill set that impacts the game in a different way.

Please read the stories here:

Game Story:

The 10 Elements Of Life:

Individual Character Stories:

I recommend that the community heads on over to our white paper for a detailed look at the stories!

Q. And lastly about Game Continuation.

Mike Gusso:
The game has an open ended storyline, which will continue to be expanded as different iterations are allowed to be branched off

As we make more partnerships, we have plans to add more characters with unique storylines and NFTs

The project will continue to expand into the foreseeable future

Our team is also expanding, and we are opening a new office to bring the Development, Design and Marketing teams respectively in-house.

This will allow us to manage the project more efficiently and effectively, and to control the progress to match the project roadmap.

Telegram Live Segment

Q. Your platform integrates many blockchain technologies such as ETH, BSC, POLYGON and SOLANA. What advantages have resulted from this interesting fusion of networks within your gaming platform? What are the benefits that users receive with this multichain model?

Great question mate!

The idea behind this was FREEDOM.

Owning digital assets like NFTs is pertinent to today’s crypto investor/enthusiast.

Not only will users be able to transfer the $CTM and $CTE token onto the blockchain of their choosing, but their NFTs aswell.

Allowing users to transfer their asset onto the blockchain of their choosing gives the USER TRUE OWNERSHIP of their NFT. Think of it as being able to transfer your money from one bank to another: its your money, so you should be able to do what you like with it. Same concept!!

Q. Sir,NFT space is flooded with low quality NFTs, making it hard for collectors, users to find the art they really want. How will you be able to give users high quality NFTs? What will it be consider as high quality on your project and how will you determine what NFTs are worth?

Excellent point.

I think by ‘high quality’ you mean NFTs that retain their inherent value.

To ensure that the NFTs retain their value, we have to focus on ensuring that the WHOLE ECOSYSTEM not only retains its value, but grows.

Other than the inherent technology used in the project to ensure its growth, we have plans to partner with the right backers. At this stage, we are about to start a massive Marketing and PR campaign, which we will use to attract the right investors into our project.

Also, we feel that the actual ‘art’ part of our NFTs is of excellent quality, as our artist and designers are ranked very highly in their respective fields.

Q. Is CTM going to be accessible on our mobile phone? Does it have an app? If yes can you share the link to download it with us?

Q2. I can read on your telegram group that this will be the first CTM official AMA season. So my question is what marketing strategies have you been using before to be able get to this level?

Thank you for your questions!

Q1. Yes, Crypto Metropolis will be available for download on Android and IOS. The game has not launched yet, so unfortunately I cannot share a download link with you at this time.

Q2. Honestly, we have NOT started our marketing campaign yet!! This is all from one airdrop campaign, which is still running!!!

Please join our airdrop campaign at the following link:


Q. I am very interested on your Land NFTs. May I first know the benefits of owning a Land NFT in Crypto Metropolis? When are you planning to conduct its sales? How much is the estimate price of each Land NFTs?

Excellent question mate!

There will be direct and indirect benefits of OWNING Land NFTs:

1. On your land, depending on the type of land you purchase, you will be able to set up different kinds of structures. For example, in the Agricultural Zone, you can grow Crypto Trees (direct benefit) which yield items required to make weapons and items in the game. In the Commercial Zone, you can set up a shop where other players can come and purchase items/equipment;

2. Employ others to work on your land : As the owner of the LAND NFTs, you will be in a position to EMPLOY others to work for you on your land, completing tasks which end up benefiting both you and your employee (indirect benefit).

3. The inherent value for your LAND NFT will go up as demand for the land space goes up. Using land is a key element of the game, so users who own it have a distinct advantage when it comes to getting in-game items. You will be able to trade / sell this NFT to realize the gain.


We plan to conduct LAND NFT sales RIGHT AFTER the sale of our NFT Characters. Please stay tuned to our social networks for up to the minute information!!

At this time, we have NOT set an estimated floor price for the LAND NFTs. Please stay tuned for this information as well!!

✅ You mention that you are proud to be one of the pioneers in the whole GAMEFI ecosystem by turning Crypto Metropolis into a true MMORPG, what is the difference between you and the other Gamefi games on the market? What are the main features and aspects that make you a true MMORPG?

This is something that we take great pride in.

The following is taken from our white paper:

“We know how boring Play-to-earn games can be. The fact that click-to-earn currently accounts for more than 90% of the Gamefi market is absurd in our books, hence we feel that Crypto Metropolis will be a great choice for users looking for a better gaming experience on blockchain.
We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the entire GAMEFI ecosystem when building Crypto Metropolis into a true MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). We have created a space where users can be immersed in a highly entertaining game and can earn money (which so far no GameFi project has been able to accomplish). Crypto Metropolis will be the architects of a newer, a more profound trend: ‘Play-And-Earn’. “

After looking at the current landscape in Play To Earn games, we realized that users want more than just a click-to-earn game. Also, we are gamers. Gaming is in our blood. We were unable to find a REAL game on blockchain, where users would have a SOLID gaming experience WHILE earning crypto.

As mentioned in the AMA, we have systems in the game that make us different from the competition. Let me share those here again:

1. A system of missions (quests) with tantalizing storylines, and NFTs with real worth;
2. A state-of-the-art, easy to use in-game Battle System;
3. Property Ownership And Exchange System;
4. Guild System Of Fighting (Combining efforts to kill bosses) and Character Occupations (Employer – Employee relationship;
5. PVP System, Create A Party

We plan to continuously update and expand the game, unlike these other Play To Earn games out there.

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto Crypto Metropolis. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for Wrapping Up, any other things you want to share with the communities? @CTMetro_Admin 🙂

Just a big thank you to everyone for being here with me today.

I’d like to share our social links one more time with the community:

Official Email:

White Paper:

Person of Contact: Mr. Mike Gusso

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