Date : 31 December 2021

Time : 8:00 AM UTC

Guest : Ms. Rose

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Ms . Rose (Senior Ambassador) will shared us details about CowPark and Their Unique features

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️

Today with us, we have @CowparkNFT !

Hello and welcome to our community, I’m glad you here to join the AMA today! 🙂

Rose 💕: Very honored to be here

Introduction Segment

Could you introduce yourself as well as CowPark team, what’s the background of the team?

Rose 💕:
I’m Rose, Senior Ambassador of CowPark.

I’m well-experienced in the blockchain industry, I’ve been active in numerous GameFi projects, and now I’ve got rich experience and my own insights for GameFi.

I’ve been a part of the CowPark team since mid-2021 and currently serve as the CowPark Asia Ambassador.

CowPark is a highly efficient international team with a core team of about 10. They excel in developing large-scale online games, which have been proven successful.

Besides an excellent operation team, our technical team is well-versed game-developing, it’s a distributed team of close collaboration gathering talents from both USA and Asia.

Could you introduce CowPark? What’s the uniqueness of it?

Rose 💕:
CowPark is a NFT Simulation Game(SLG) based on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

Players will get NFT cows from airdrops and mystery boxes, and they can upgrade NFT cows via forage deification, power items and competitions etc..

NFT cows can be sold, recycled and stake in the market to get considerable earnings while they enjoy an immersive experience.

GameFi is one of the fast-growing markets among many different tracks, and its popularity was greatly regocnized by NFT, Metaverse and other popular concepts. In the long run, GameFi is expected to grow tremendously in the future, it’s not just a fad, but a future trend.

This is exactly the great timing to launch CowPark because we strongly believe that the future demand and huge potential of blockchain games, it will be a game changer for the existing game industry.

there are three Advantages of CowPark:

1) Low Barriers CowPark is designed for the maximum return to users. Besides a highly user-friendly interface, the initial investment to the game is super low to help players smoothly start the first step.

Players connect wallet with one click to start the game (airdrop, mystery box, forage deification, mining and recycling) and early birds have relatively easier access to get NFT cows and Token airdrop.

2) High ROI Early players can get more high-level NFT cows and token rewards for free In CowPark, furthermore, free mystery box activities will be held frequently before and after CowPark official launch.

The more users participate, the more they will get, and they also have a great chance to get a higher level cow (higher value NFT) with a lower one. In CowPark, players are free to select low-level cows and divine grass to synthesize, and the automatically upgraded cows can exchange for high-level cows in the free market.

CowPark is simple in operation and easy to earn with a short payback period, most importantly, the game is deployed on the BSC so users can enjoy lower handling fees to truly realize low cost and high returns.

3) Security Guarantee CowPark is based on mature blockchain technology and it is developed on decentralized smart contracts. The code has been audited so players can enjoy the game safely.

The security system has the following features, first, all of the players’ asset transaction data on CowPark can be tracked on-chain, and players’ assets will be protected even if in Downtime;

Second, high-level NFT cows will be mechanically protected so any user who owns a cow can trade the NFT cow in the market, and can recycle the cows through platform’s repurchase channel.

Third, the CowPark is deployed on the BSC, so it will share the safety with the top blockchain ecosystem while enjoying the smooth operation experience.

When will CowPark officially launch? How to participate?

Rose 💕:
It’s scheduled to be online on 14 Jan., 2022, it’s also the day of CowPark global public beta.

The way to participate is very simple.

Before its official launch, players can participate in the CowPark Trilogy before its official launch, that is, “Connect Wallet for Airdrop”, “Mystery Box Lucky Draw”, and “Pre-sale Whitelist”.

On the day of launch, CowPark will open “2022 Super Farmer Bull Fighting” with 100,000CC prize pool, fighting for the bull!


Please follow CowPark social media:


Four simple steps to jump in the game: 🐮Step 1: Download decentralized wallet (anyone supports BSC, such as Metamask, TokenPokcket).

🐮Step 2: Go to CowPark official website and connect your wallet, complete the identification to participate in “CowPark Trilogy”

🐮Step 3: Get started to play! You can swap BNB-CC, staking CC and mining, and invite your friends to play together!

During the launch of CowPark, what kind of activities will it bring to global players?

Rose 💕:
yeah we have a lot of activities for you to participate!!!‼

before the official launch of the CowPark , we prepared three activities for global players: airdrop of NFT, cow mystery box lucky draw, and pre-sale token.

let me introduce them one by one

1) First of all, the airdrop of NFT cow will be carried out on the CowPark official website, from January 5, 2022 to January 13, 2022. A total of 2,000 first-level cattle NFTs (2,000 whitelists) will be airdropped.😘

Rules: During the activity, when your wallet is linked to the address of the CowPark web , there is a chance to get an airdrop!

you can check the NFT assets in the CowPark page✔

2) Mystery Box Lucky Draw will be held on CowPark’s official website from January 7 to January 13, 2022.

A total of 2,000 🤩free mystery boxes (2,000 whitelists) will be displayed. During the activities, whitelist players will get one opportunity to open a free mystery box.

Rules: During the activity, you can connected the wallet to the address of the CowPark to participate.
Besides the free mystery box, player can use the CC tokens( you could change BNB-CC on Pancake) to open five high-level cow (level 1-6-12-18-24) which worth millions of dollars .

All mystery boxes are half price, first come first served.😎

3)CowPark Token Pre-sale will be held from January 10th to January 13th, 2022 on CowPark’s official website.

Million tokens CC will be pre-sale for a limited time. Whitelist player who have participated in the above two activities can be eligible to participate in the pre-sale.

you can check our interaction schedule, and for more detail please follow us☺

Can you briefly talk about the future plans of CowPark?

Rose 💕:

In the future, CowPark will be dedicated to the research and services of the three major sectors, and jointly empower CowPark’s global ecology.

Firstly, according to the market experience, we’ll design more new CowPark games, such as introducing PVP and PVE into the game to earn profit mechanisms, holding the CowPark Season Adventure Challenge, CowPark Global Super League, etc., to improve the playability and increase the space for profits.

Secondly, CowPark will spend more energy and financial resources to serve community, and we will provide more participation channels and better interactive experience for CowPark global community.

For example, we are expected to expand the international top NFT market (such as Binance NFT, OpenSea,);

in the future, CowPark will develop cross-chain bridges, support multiple top global public chains, and bring multi-chain interaction and more convenient experience services.

and the CowPark global ecological DAO community governance mechanism will be promoted as a strategic project for the future development.

In the future, CowPark will introduce more ecological empowerment and continuous quality experience of Gamefi.

Hope to witness the progress and growth of CowPark with you!👊👊

And lastly, What is the current popularity of CowPark ? how could get information about the CowPark in real time?

Rose 💕:
In the initial stage , CowPark will be exposed in the gamefi market around the world, mainly for cooperation and promotion with global gamefi head studios and communities.

Before CowPark launched, we prepared three AMAs and two live broadcasts, which will bring more attention to global gamefi and NFT players .

Today’s AMA is our first exposure in the world👀

as the post shows, the following is our market activity arrangement

On January 4, 2022, live broadcast for the airdrop of cattle NFT
On January 6, 2022, we have a free mystery box AMA,
on January 10, 2022, there will be a pre-sale live broadcast,
On January 12, 2022, the Bullfighting Awards Competition AMA,
On January 14, 2022, the Bullfighting Awards contest will be broadcast live.
For more details, please follow CowPark social media: Twitter, Telegram, Discord.


After CowPark is officially launched, the latest developments of the CowPark project and related data will be announced every week, so you can get our infomation in real time and play safely~~

Twitter Segment

Q1. There are tons of apps of this style on Windows, so why should they choose their game? Does Cow Park have easy-to-understand intuitive modes for any age? Is it already optimized to work with the best settings?

Rose 💕:
thank you for your all attention☺

Now on the gamefi market, such as Axie Infinity, Farmers World, Battle Pets and other farm development game, the market value has been saturated, and the appreciation space is not high.

And CowPark will build an open game world for players in a more innovative way, through farm breeding (mining), so that funds can flow back to players, and share the endless dividends of the future world with users.
CowPark has been optimized for the best settings, so stay tuned!

Q2. CowPark is just a newly released game on BSC. Upon playing, users are required to connect our Metamask wallet. How much $CC should our Metamask wallet have in order to start playing the game? Will there be high entry fees to be able to earn and enjoy the game?

Rose 💕:
CowPark does not require high investment.

A Class 1 cow only needs 25cc. Before participating in the game, players can recharge/withdraw BNB to the MetaMask wallet, enter the official website, click Paly Games to enter the game, use MetaMask to link to the website, click the CC balance, and select BNB to exchange for CC.

it’s easy😃

Q3. NFT games are becoming more and more common in our environment, but many of them are dying due to the lack of a profitable economic model. What has been the economic structure you have developed to make it a profitable game in the long term? How will you keep users incentivized?

Rose 💕:
CowCoin (CC) is the native token in the game and plays a major role in the operation of CowPark.

CC can be obtained through the game, it is completely generated by the player in the game and used in the market, by controlling the burning ratio to adjust the balance, the total circulation is 100 million.

In addition, with the expansion of CowPark’s global ecological layout and the accumulation of loyal players in the community, CC price, as the governance token of CowPark, will go up as the market expands, and early participants will get higher returns.

Q4. Cowpark is an NFT game and I guess the star here is the “COW”? So can you tell us the different ways to get, obtain, or acquire these #Cows and what we can do with them after purchasing? Also, what are the benefits of playing this game of yours? Can we get $CC as a reward?

Rose 💕:
In fact, I have already answered before

Players can obtain NFT cow in a variety of ways. Before officially launched, you can obtain cow NFT through airdrops and free mystery box activities. After the game is officially launched, players can purchase cow and mystery boxes in the in-game store.before the official launch of the CowPark , we prepared three activities for global players: airdrop of NFT, cow mystery box lucky draw, and pre-sale token.

Q5. Can you tell us more about the ways to “make money” from the COWPARK project? Is it easy for newcomers to join the COWPARK game?

Rose 💕:
In CowPark World, players have a variety of ways to make money, such as selling cows in the CowPark market, completing tasks, participating in competitions, staking CC tokens, contributing to the governance of the DAO structure, and airdrop rewards.

No large investment is required at the beginning.

Early birds are easy to get NFT cow and Token airdrops, and players can start the game easily. The CowPark operation interface is designed to be highly user-friendly, and as introduced, we also have a series of gameplay (airdrop, mystery box, staking, platform recycling, etc.).

Telegram Live Segment

Q. How can we get CowPark’s NFT? Does CowPark have a built-in NFT trading market, or can they only be traded in other open markets?

Rose 💕:
Before the CowPark global public beta, there will be a free NFT airdrop and a free mystery box giveaway. In these two activities, players will have the opportunity to get the cow NFT in the CowPark game for free. And players can also directly use the BNB to buy more random boxes. Five high-grade cows which worth millions are all at half price. Early players will get more privileges.

Q. After CowPark goes live, will there be other activities?

Rose : First of all, after several rounds of airdrops and promotion activities upon the launch of CowPark, lots of global gamefi players will flood into the CowPark community. CowPark will also hold large-scale global community incentive activities with 100, 000CC prize pool, namely “2022 Super Farmer “Bull Fighting” Award Contest”, etc., we are looking forward to CowPark gaining more support and trust from crypto players.

Q. How are the tokens distributed in the game and how do players get profits?

CowPark has desgined a well-developed economic model at the beginning of its establishment, has a complete gold-drawing mechanism and a precise market community player group. CowPark adopts a single currency model: CowCoin (CC) is the native token in the game and will be incentives for CowPark community.
CC will be earned by players in the game and flow to the market. The total circulation is 100 million and there will be burning system the deflation mechanism to protect player’s interest. The tokenomics is as follows: Liquidity Pool: 26%; Airdrop: 2%; Private Placement: 10%; Creation Team: 5%; NFT Cow Mining: 30%; CC Coin Staking: 20%; Community Ecological Fund: 7%.

Q. Do NFT cows also have a staking feature or only coin cows can be staking??

and can someone who only has small assets easily join your project??

Thanks for answer 🙏

yes, upon the CowPark launch, users can get free NFT airdrop, free mystery box, and opportunity to be listed on pre-sale whitelist, and 100,000 CC rewards for the bullfighting contest. And 20% of the total tokens supply will be used as staking income, that is, 20 million as a staking reward. Players can stake their CC tokens for mining, and the early birds will get more income.

Q. I see that NFT Gaming has been blooming in the last few months, thus many teams are building their NFT gaming projects as a trend. What makes Cowpark stand out from many recent and upcoming projects?

yeah GameFi is one of the fast-growing markets among many different tracks, and its popularity was greatly regocnized by NFT, Metaverse and other popular concepts. In the long run, GameFi is expected to grow tremendously in the future, it’s not just a fad, but a future trend. This is exactly the great timing to launch CowPark because we strongly believe that the future demand and huge potential of blockchain games, it will be a game changer for the existing game industry.

Host :
Thanks for diving us deeper unto Cowpark. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community?. @btccowpark 🙂

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