On 19th of April 2022 at 2:00 PM UTC Crypto Talkz hosted AMA with Bearadise

🌟Mr. Charles – Co-Founder of Bearadise shared us the Details about ‘ Bearadise ‘ and it’s Unique features… 🌟

Host : 👋Hello Chat , Welcome to another exclusive Crypto Talkz AMA❤️
Today with us we have Charles from Bearadise ! Hello @cerealcilla .It’s a pleasure to have you here, thanks for joining us 🙂

Charles: Absolutely! We have been busy preparing content to show case everyone our project.

Host : That’s great to hear !!So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with basic Introduction Segment 🙂

Introduction Segment

First, Can you make a brief introduction about yourself and the Bearadise?

Charles: Sure. I am Charles, co-founder of Bearadise.

Bearadise is the world’s first NFT-driven wine ecosystem. We are creating a never-before-seen dimension in the NFT space and the wine industry with dynamic NFT 2.0 tech. With that being said, collectors will be able to customize their own NFT, it’s no longer the typical PFP project you see in the market.

Can you tell us more about Bearadise and how it differentiates from other projects?

Charles: We value our holders, making sure there is utilities for everything we release. Different from other projects, we are bringing real life values to NFTs, Our NFTs and traits are all tied to physical assets, the wine bottles. It’s like wine trading, but more fun!

With Bearadise’s NFTs, you will be able to earn royalties from secondary market sales, stake to earn rewards. We offer different levels of discounts to holder on our wine marketplace platform and auction, where users get to buy real wines. There are a few projects out there doing the same thing, selling wine or liquor NFTs. But it’s just a bottle on the NFT itself. We made it attractive, interactive with a story behind our characters.

Smart NFT can do pretty much whatever we want, we want to thank you Chainlink for the brilliant solutions and advices. So, our collectors can not only customize, upgrade the apprearance of their own NFT, they can also build a wine investment portfolio adding the wine they like, and integrate it to your NFT as your identity and to showcase it in our Metaverse.

We have developed a model where users can pay part of the wine tax using our own tokens. This has never happened in anywhere in the world. VAT – discounted. What’s more, our collectors will be exclusively invited to different social events such as wine tasting events, parties and wine tours around the world.

Later in our Metaverse, we will integrate a virtual shopping and auction experience for holders; an interactive game allowing users to learn how to make wine from grape to bottle. The best thing is, these virtual bottles produced can be exchanged for a physical bottle!

Could you please tell us more about your upcoming NFT launch, such as how people can participate in the Whitelist and what are the benefits of holding your NFTs??

Charles: Sure

Whitelist campaign is happening in our discord right now! Users who reach the designated level will have a guaranteed whitelist spot. From time to time, we also give away whitelist spots on our social channels.

Our NFT holders will be able to access to our exclusive rare wine drop events, merch drop events (wine opener, toy figures) and get premium discounts for wine purchases.

So, May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

Charles: We have partnered up with one of the world’s best-known wine supplier in Europe, RareWine, and a leading wine group in Paris, LQV, for all our wine supply at the moment. We are currently in talks with other wine suppliers from other countries and regions as well, hoping to expand our wine network and be able to ship bottles to our users at the fastest rate.

We are reaching out to a number of NFT projects for collaboration. If you know who might be interested, let us know too!

And lastly, Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up our first segment?

Charles: People might see us as another PFP project. But the fact is, we are building a healthy ecosystem here, a sustainable wine business in dynamic NFTs. The potential of it is huge and we are looking to deliver.

You may join our discord for little surprise:

Twitter Segment

“Q1. Stephin @Stephin63346024

How is the Bearadise nft collection associated with wine ? Does the team do anything related to winery when the nft’s are bought or sold in the marketplace ?”

Charles: Each and every single one of Bearadise’s NFTs are associated to a wine region, these regions affect the bottles holders will get from our exclusive wine drops. Based on the NFT’s rarity, there are different levels of enjoyment across our wine marketplace, auction house as well as in our Bear-verse. Bearadise’s NFT is the key to our wine ecosystem.

The team will organize exclusive wine tours, wine tasting and social events with wineries when people buy in.

“Q2. Shadow JK @TheShadowJK_1

#Bearadise is building the world’s first interactive and dynamic #NFT wine ecosystem. But what are the reasons why you have been inspired by wine as the vehicle to embrace NFTs and drive a unique community? What is the story behind Bearadise? “

Charles: As wine enthusiasts, we found that the current wine industry lacks transparency, have arbitrary pricing, in production risk, and with high taxation & shipping cost. In short, expensive, additional costs. NFT has the advantage of being transparent, interactive and complex, with these we will be able to bring fine wine to more people at a more affordable price.

Bearadise symbolizes a new start and a paradise for wine lovers, we want to create a new dynamic in the wine atmosphere to make it less of a one-way business. We are going to make Bearadise the GO-TO place for all wine lovers for everything wine-related.

“Q3. Dian Airlangga @DSruny

#Bearadise opens up a new dimension of NFT with new technologies – dynamic, multi-resource and nested. But What Makes Bearadise NFT Really Different? Are there any Outstanding and Rare Characteristics from Your Collection?”

Charles: Bearaidse NFTs have a vast range of utilities locked onto the NFT itself. Holding a Bearadise NFT is important for every single stage of our project development and your interaction with it.

If you hold a single NFT from our first collection, you will be able to:
1. Earn royalties from secondary market sales
2. NFT staking rewards
3. Private wine membership with wine purchase discounts
4. Access to DAO and vote
5. Exclusive access to social events: wine tasting, wine workshops, parties and more!
6. Chateau tour tickets
7. Raffle for merch drop: custom-made wine opener
8. WL spots for future collections

“Q4. ATOM @Just83892476

What do you mean when you say you can farm different kinds of grapes in our upcoming staking system , Is grapes a token of beardise nft project or do you mean the real world grapes ?”

Charles: This is an exciting one for our project and definitely keep an eye on it.

GRAPE is a backend token that we developed as the staking rewards. So when you stake your NFT, base on the background rarity %, you will get that amount of GRAPE at the end of the staking period. By holding the GRAPE in your wallet, you will later be able to convert it to our native token $BBB. $BBB will allow you to have a vote on our protocol, use as a currency for our NFT marketplace and more!

“Q5. Paul Macao @Lidiamga

In BEARADISE, Every Adam-Eve NFT entitles you to access all exclusive wine drop events. How can I access this sale event? How much Adam-Eve NFT do we need to hold? How many Adam-Eve NFTs will be minted? Does the Adam-Eve NFT have different rarity levels to increase the price?”

Bearadise welcomes everyone, to get information about Bearadise’s minting event, please follow our Twitter, Discord and Telegram for updates. We will be posting our minting site closer to the mint date.

There is a total of 9000 Adam-Eve NFTs from the collection (our first collection), you will need to hold one of the specific NFTs or three Adam-Eve NFTs that fits the criteria to get access to the exclusive wine drop events. Utilities will be announced soon! So stay tuned with our social channels!

To answer the last part of the question, there are different rarities in Adam-Eve NFTs and that would help increase the price in secondary market. As we would like everyone to get a fair chance in getting a rare one, our mint is blinded and set at an equal price across all rarity.

A sneak peek of Eve from our Adam-Eve collection 😉

Telegram Live Segment

Could you tell us a little about what are the main characteristics and what are the products that Bearadise will have that will guarantee that it has a sustainable economy and allow rewards with royalties to users for a long time?

Our vision with Bearadise is to build a transparent and complex platform with wine from authentic sources. We have a few main elements in Bearadise: NFT system – with different utilities & rarity, different merch drop. To make sure Bearadise is here for a long term, we have features such as wine investment portfolio, wine trading, auction house and exclusive events & free wine box! To have sustainable economy, Bearadise will implement specific tokenometry to ensure a healthy circulation within the market and benefits our holders, and they have actual usage within our marketplace and metaverse.

I love wines and is this platform going to link up with wine company’s anytime soon in the future??🍷 I would love it!!!!

This is absolutely delightful to here and be assure that we have already linked up with two companies – rarewines and lqv for supplies! We are working on more partnerships and collaboration! We will also bring in chateaus too!

I didn’t find much information about Bearadise on your site, which worried me so I would like to know what is the general concept of your project and what motivated you to create it? Is Bearadise a real and purposeful project or just another scam of the moment?

Don’t worry! we are here for long to build a solid platform which us founders also enjoy using. There will be more information being put up on to our website soon! The general concept for building Bearadise is to diversify the market share and making wine an affordable product for everyone to enjoy. We value community and equality so that’s what drives us to make the industry a better place for all! We are definitely one of the rare finds, so you are still early!!

Bearadise offers a 100x booster on the staking. How does the Bearadise Staking system work? What kind of rewards can be obtained from this Staking system? How do you get 100x booster on stake?

Our Staking system will launch after the release of our first collection, allowing holders to stake their NFTs for reward. The amount of reward is linked with the rarity of your NFT! So if you get one of our legendary NFTs, you will get a 100x booster!! Go hunt for them when they are available later!! As you will be rewards GRAPE, latered converted to $BBB, you will be able to use the $BBB you earned on our Wine NFT marketplace! Lastly, our smart contract will make it all hustle free so the 100x booster will show up in your wallet!

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto Bearadise. Chat thanks also for those great questions.

Its time for Wrapping Up, any other things you want to share with the communities Mr.Charles

Charles: You are welcome and thank you for giving us a space to chat with all of you!

Come join us now! It is just the beginning of a great adventure!

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