Date : 9 DECEMBER 2021

Time : 1:00 PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Andrew Abramov



Mr. Andrew Abramov – Chief Product Officer Shared us the Details about AXES METAVERSE

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Mr. Andrew Abramov : Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to be here

Introduction Segment

Q. Could you start by introducing yourself and perhaps regarding the key team behind Axes Metaverse to us? What kind of backgrounds do you guys have prior to Axes Metaverse?

  • Mr. Andrew Abramov: My name is Andrey, and I’m Chief Product Officer of Axes Metaverse. I have a wide experience in crypto, being CPO in crypto projects for more than 4 years, while my first investments in it were done starting from late 2013. I’m also a passionate gamer myself and I believe that Play-to-earn approach will shift the approach of how the games are built.
  • We, at Azur Games, had noticed the changes coming to the industry and decided to become one of the first big game development companies to join this trend. Let me drop you a couple of numbers, so it would be easier to understand how huge Azur Games is:
  • – Top-4 mobile game publisher in 2021
  • – More than 2B+ installs for over 100 published titles
  • – More than 30 million daily players enjoy our games

Q. Can you give an overview of Axes Metaverse as a whole? What’s the project about and what kind of underlying issues do you see within the crypto market, in general, to get into the segment? How do you intend to solve those issues?

  • Mr. Andrew Abramov: We are building Metaverse. Axes Metaverse. It is story-based. We are not copycatting other games, we have taken our own game as a basis and our huge experience in gamedev + understanding what mechanics really work.
  • Moreover, we know how to make games and present them, so the longer you hold assets, the more valuable they will become after the introduction of NFT passive farming, the ability to rent them and other unique features that we will announce later.

Q. May I ask at this point, do you already have some partnerships lined up?

  • Mr. Andrew Abramov: Partnerships are a crucial part of project success. At the moment, we are working on a partnership with the top blockchain having GameFi-friendly ecosystem.
  • As for allies we already have onboard, we have a partnership with the payment processor who would allow us to onboard gaming audience we have in our games to Axes Metaverse, a number of advisors who help us to grow the community, etc.
  • All these partnerships to be announced later per our global go-to-market strategy.

Q. So, How important is the community to your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

  • Mr. Andrew Abramov: Community is the most important part of our project. As I said before, Azur Games has 2B+ installs from more than 100 countries, we actually have 30M+ daily active player and all of the just common players, non-crypto.
  • And having such broad audience it would be strange if you won’t try to shift them into p2e crypto-players. So we have plans for an ambassadorship program for our crypto community, where are near 30k people already in.
  • The program will be concluded in helping our non-crypto players in onboarding to p2e. Just imagine how much value we can bring to the p2e industry.
  • As for game token, the community owning our token would be able to take part in Axes Metaverse community governance

Q. And lastly, Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Axes Metaverse has achieved so far?

  • Mr. Andrew Abramov: Sure! We have already gathered 15k people in Discord community, almost 10k in Telegram, moreover check our twitter, you will be surprised 🙂
  • Also, we had already gathered 5k+ participants in our whitelist for GAO #1, btw, it is open now, so join our community to find out the link to join.
  • Furthermore, we will release our marketplace right before the first Game Asset Offering, which we will launch in mid December

Twitter segment

Q1. You say that one of the things that makes Axes Metaverse special is that there are 30M + daily active users, but the world community of players is really much bigger, what plans does your project have to bring to the conventional players to your platform?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: As I said before, we are gathering crypto community right now, to launch our ambassadorship for non-crypto players. And as soon as we will onboard enough non-crypto players, there would be a chain reaction, which will result in significant audience growth. Moreover, as far I heard, p2e is rushing crypto industry, huge gaming companies, as we are, are entering it right now, so there will be a lot of hype very soon, and as we know hype often results in adoption

Q2. One of the issues with NFT games was that users only stayed in the game when they won tiny prizes, causing the project’s liquidity to suffer. This reality is taken into account by AxesMetaverse, which controls economic methods to help true fans of the game?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: We have carefully studied the problems other NFT and play-to-earn projects had with minting, game economy, design and so on

Speaking of the NFT market problemacy, we always monitor our competitors in terms of minting, game economy, technical challenges, and take into account their mistakes, as well as advantages.

Q3. By this month, Axes Metaverse plans to conduct its first GAO or “Game Asset Offering”. Can you briefly explain to us the structure of this event? What “game assets” will be put into sales? Who are the eligible participants that can avail the items in this particular event?

Mr. Andrew Abramov:
So the structure is very simple. If you are willing to purchase our NFT chests with heroes, you will need to join our whitelist, btw, it is open now.

So after joining the whitelist, if you fulfil all the requirements, you will be able to take part in GAO #1 and by up to 10 chests for yourself. Every chest will include 4 heroes, each of random rarity and class:

Common heroes: 69%
Rare heroes: 25%
Epic heroes: 5%
Legendary heroes: 1%

GAO #1 will be conducted on our marketplace, which will be released in several days, so join our Telegram to stay tuned: AXES METAVERSE

Q4. Axes Metaverse website clearly stated all the details and stuff about the project, the game and the contents of the Metaverse. However, it did not provide any information about when will the project release its NFTs. Do you have exact date on when do will your release your NFTs?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: As I said above, we will release our first NFT heroes in mid December by conducting Game Asset Offering #1

Q5. You told that @AxesMetaverse will conduct a “GAO” in the mid December. What is GAO? Could you please briefly discuss about it? Can we participate in it? What will be the advantages participating in this GAO?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: GAO means Game Asset Offering, where you can purchase in-game item in NFT format, which would be playable and will grant you more profit while you’ll be playing and earning.

Yes, you can definitely participate in it, just follow our socials and stay update. And remember, whitelist is now open, but it would be closed after 4000 people join it. Previous whitelist opening it took 10 minutes for 1000 people to join and we closed it, as the goal was 1000. Today the goal is 4000, but WL is opened for couple of hours, that is why you need to hurry, I assume

Telegram Live Segment

Q.Are you guys going to host tournaments for players to compete with each other in Axes Metaverse ??

Mr. Andrew Abramov: Definitely yes, we are not disclosing yet all the details, but there will be a plenty of exciting game mods, including tournaments

Q. 🐳Can only pro gamers earn money from Axes Metaverse? Will users be able to earn Axes Metaverse tokens in passive ways?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: We plan to engage active players, traders and passive investors into the metaverse. So there will be plenty of opportunities to earn metaverse tokens.

Q. While Axes Metaverse will be different in terms of playability and new customer onboarding, we will stick to the same game design principles. Can you explain what the gameplay of Axes Metaverse will be like? What will make it different in terms of Gameplay? Why won’t Axes Metaverse be boring?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: We @ Azur Games know how to make games and present them, so the longer you hold assets, the more valuable they will become after the introduction of NFT passive farming, the ability to rent them and other unique features that we will announce later. So how could it be boring at all?

Q. Do you have AUDIT certificates?
if you have,
Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?

Mr. Andrew Abramov: Safety is a very important aspect in our industry. We strive to comply with all industry safety standards and regulations. We put security as our first priority, which is why we have serious experts in blockchain, wallet infrastructure, exchanges and cryptobanks in our team. The entire blockchain part of the project will be strictly audited by leading security contractors.

Host : Thanks for diving us deeper unto Axes Metaverse❤️

Chat thanks also for those great questions 🙂

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to the community?:)

Mr. Andrew Abramov: Thank you everyone for your attention! Join our community and let’s play and earn

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